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Dedicated JA Server Status (Meatgrinder)

>>April 24, 2009: Fixed Links
The other guides section was looking pretty bad with a lot of broken links. I've used the web archive's "wayback machine" to bring them back. They aren't pretty, much you can still find useful strategies and info on these pages, so check 'em out!

>>April 13, 2009: Spring Cleaning
For more recent updates, please see the Strategic Academy (JKA) version of this page!

>>July 1, 2006: New Server IP:
EscapedTurkey the server host for the ever-popular Meatgrinder server has given us a new IP address, so please update your favorites and join us for some OJP enhanced action, or OJP Basic (no downloads required, of course) anytime!

>>June 15, 2006: New OJP Enhanced
A slightly updated version of the Enhanced version of OJP (run on the server most fridays) is up on the downloads page.

>>June 4, 2006: Meatgrinder is Up
Thankfully the downtime was only temporary, due to a server move. So it's back at the same IP. Enjoy!

>>June 3, 2006: Server Downtime
It's been a busy summer so far, but sadly we've been having some troubles with the server. It has been going down a lot and now it's apparently completely down now. I don't know what the situation is yet with our server host, and I'll post about that as soon as I hear differently, but in the meantime it seems there will be no Meatgrinder for awhile. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, please feel free to use OJP Mod and set up your own rule-free servers!

>>October 14, 2005: MeatGrinder Returns!
After some down time, our JA dedicated server is finally back, at a new IP Thanks again to EscapedTurkey for the server!

>>October 4, 2005: Blast from the Past!
Wow, a major trip down memory lane! Yep, those were the days. Well worth a look, it'll bring tears to the eyes of many a JK1 vet! Thanks to shootingskier for reminding me of, of all the fun we had!

>>July 17, 2005: Force Profiles
Ported an article on Force Profiles from the Jedi Academy page, since it is equally applicable (and long overdue) for this section.

>>July 1, 2005: Server Update!
Okay, this JA server has actually been up for months, but I just now got around to updating. Thanks to RazorAce of the Open Jedi Project and EscapedTurkey rental service, we now have a permanent (for the forseeable future) high speed server for Siege, CTF and no holds-barred FFA action. Add to your favorites and join the fun! Celebrate the July 4th weekend with us and see the fireworks...

>>May 22, 2005: ROTS!
Saw the last Star Wars movie ever, ROTS last night and it was a lot of fun. Sadly I have a busy week ahead of me, so probably no updates. Thanks for all the visits though, if anyone wishes to send me feedback I'll be more than happy to read it when I get back!

>>February 19, 2005: Jedi Academy FAQ
For old time's sake (the game will have been out 1 1/2 years in March) I've posted the final version of Stormhammer's excellent Jedi Academy FAQ, originally posted on LucasForums. I've added some edits that explain some things with it too. Enjoy!

Also re-uploaded a missing Master.cfg file that somehow slipped through the cracks some time ago.

>>January 31, 2005: Server Update
My Jedi Academy server is back on a semi-regular experimental basis (meaning whenever I can have it up), though it's not yet back on a rental server (and thus semi-permanent basis). So enjoy it while you can.

>>September 16, 2004: JA Walkthrough
Jedi Academy Walkthrough completed (thanks to Sam Fisher), with full secret info to be added to most of the levels when I get the time. JediServers ads removed (if you see any I missed, contact me with the exact page).

>>September 3, 2004: Cleanup
In the process of removing the obsolete "JediServers" ads from the site (since the service went out of business, taking Meatgrinder Redux with it). In the future a new server should emerge, in the meantime I give them my thanks!

>>May 4, 2004: I'm Back!
Sorry for the lack of updates on the pages lately, but I've been stuck with a broken computer for the last month (now have a good working one as of this week). In the meantime my dedicated server has been running full steam, and popular as ever, but I really need the banner clicks to stay going, so do everyone a favor and click on the JediServers.com banners on this site each day!

More updates will be coming soon, as I find the files I was working on before both my old hard drives failed. ; p

>>March 23 , 2004: JediServers.com!
Found a great hosting service for Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy, Jediservers.com. So if you're looking to finally live your dream of running a full time dedicated server with a lot of players, check them out! Players on my "Meatgrinder" server should notice some improvements from the better service in short order. ; )

>>March 19 , 2004: Blood Link Fixed
Lost the link to the JK2 Blood Patch, so here it is again (it's an older version, I'll have to find the original final version on CD, but it may take awhile). In the meantime try this for all your bloody needs!

>>March 9 , 2004: I'm back!
It's been awhile, but I've returned to working on the site after several months. Basically I've gotten in some serious game time and a bit of tinkering with editing (nothing major, mostly testing and messing around, but learning).

Several little quirks and mistakes still exist on the various pages so I'm going to set about fixing those and providing more explanations and revise stuff as I see fit and get extra time. There's a lot more I want to do on this site and there's a lot of work to be done, so keep checking back! Of course as most of you know, I'm playing JA currently, not JK2, so most of the additions (rather than just corrections) will be to that portion of the site.

>>November 4, 2003: Site move & Tidy Up
Moved the site over to its new location at JediKnight.Net. Not a huge change except that now you have one less letter to type in for the address (it's now http://strategy.jediknight.net). Lots of updates in the Strategic Academy section.

>>September 19 , 2003: Academy & Blood
New Updates to the Strategic Academy page in celebration of the game's worldwide release today.

Also I noticed that the link to the german JK2 Blood Patch was down, so I have provided a mirror here. Enjoy!

>>September 18 , 2003: Strategic Academy
Jedi Academy, the new Jedi Knight game from Raven Software and LucasArts arrived in US stores yesterday, and will be unleashed on the world tomorrow. In celebration of this gaming event, we're launching a brand new section, entitled Strategic Academy. Click on the lowest option on the lefthand menu or click here. Keep in mind that many things need to be added (especially images and a fleshed out Force Section, not to mention we need strategies! These all should appear in the coming months...

>>August 28, 2003: JA FAQ + Duel Help
Stormhammer (of the forums), has given his kind permission to post a copy of his Unofficial Jedi Academy FAQ. Note that this is constantly changing, but its a nice reference point for the upcoming game.

Are you tired of the "weak" feel of sabers in 1.04 CTF and FFA? Do you want long dramatic saber battles in Duel mode? Sick of mods that affect these changes but do other things you don't want? Then check out the console commands to fix the problem, straight from Raven Software's Mike Gummelt!

>>August 25, 2003: sith is your guide!
While this is a Multiplayer based site, we get dozens of emails asking about this or that single player puzzle, and so sith kindly gave us his Walkthrough of the Single Player Campaign complete with pictures! It covers all SP levels (plus the Azloc Base demo map) including secrets. A big thanks for that contribution!

>>August 14, 2003: Forums Revamped
As most of you are aware by now, the LucasForums have been revamped along with the historic relaunch of JediKnight.net, the site that started it all (has it really been six years already?!)...

Hat's are off and lightsabers raised to everyone who helped make it possible (especially Swoosh with the new design) and the countless folks who contributed over the years, you know who you are! =) I will probably be pretty busy in the next few weeks, so you might not see many updates (I know, I'm behind) between now and the release of Jedi Academy, but rest assured I will be back and answer email as often as I can.

>>July 27, 2003: Back in about a week
I'll be leaving Tuesday and be back in about a week. I have uploaded some of the videos that were previously missing from the site, with more updates planned when I get back (as time permits). Recent problems with my ISP have just been ironed out, so hopefully the process will be less time consuming and frustrating than before.

>>July 11, 2003: New JA Link
Thanks to DB for the correction, the Jedi Academy (a Jedi Outcast site where players can be trained on their servers) has moved to a new location.

>>July 10, 2003: Time for an Update
Having returned from vacation, I discovered some server problems had kept the site down for a few weeks, unfortunately. The forums are flooded with questions that this site is dedicated to answering. Thanks to ChrisC3PO for helping get the site back! A lot of new information on Jedi Academy has become available as well (see also the official site). I have some updates planned, but it may take awhile before the site has all the bugs worked out of it.

>>May 24, 2003: Yes!
Some alert Forum members posted that it was possible to have a First Person Lightsaber POV in multiplayer using a console command! I also added the command to make chat text stay on the screen longer to the setup page (also thanks to a forum member, sorry I forgot your name).

>>May 20, 2003: E3 is over...
E3 ended on the 16th and our reporters came home with visions of Jedi Academy in their minds.

This serves as notice that I will be on vacation in the Appalachian Mountains from roughly May 30th - June 20th. I may be able to check email a few times between there, but the site won't be updated in that time, unless sith or Swoosh decide to. I'll catch up when I get back!

>>May 13, 2003: E3 has begun!
While we all wait for the exciting news of LEC at E3, check out these cool gameplay videos created by griff38!

>>May 7, 2003: Link Added
Added another link to the Other Guides section.

>>May 5, 2003: Hide 'n' Seek
Added another user submission... this time it's the "Nar Shadda Cubbie-hole." Enjoy!

>>May 1, 2003: May Day!
My new email address is finally setup and ready to recieve your strategy submissions and feedback on the site!

>>April 24, 2003: New Email Addy
Starting Friday, I will be getting a new email address and new ISP (DSL again!). With luck, all will go well and I'll update all the contact links. Hope everyone out there that celebrates it had a happy and safe Easter holiday! Another user submission from .Templar. (Update to the "Kick" page).

>>April 16 , 2003: Jedi Academy!
Having returned from vacation, I can now say I'm excited (like everyone else) at the prospect of this addition to the Jedi Knight series (visit LEC's JKA site for more official info). I can tell you right now with almost 100% certainty, that when we get our hands on JA, we'll be covering it here, on our strategy pages. E3 is May 13-16, so our reporters should be bringing back some scoops you may want to check out.

A few other updates were on hold while I was gone, but may be showing up in the next few weeks, so be patient.

>>March 27, 2003: Where to Play
I added a short list of other options for finding games on the Setup page. I'll be leaving for a short vacation in early April, so updates will be scant for awhile. I know others are gearing up for E3 the big gaming industry convention, and I wish all of our guys the best of luck over there.

The US and Britain are engaged in a war with Iraq right now, and I wish them the best of luck too, that peace can be restored with minimal loss of life.

>>March 23, 2003: Surprise!
I had time to put up some prettier tables on the Force pages which should make navigation much easier. I also added/revised some of the details in "verses" sections of the Dark and Light pages. Also added a note about the Stationary Shield not being hurt by idle sabers on the Items page. More User Submissions added.

>>March 22, 2003: Vat 'o' Updates
Updated all the sections with tables to make them a bit cleaner and easier to read. Added some notes about use of Kicks to the Saber section. Added a note about Thermal Detonators & Trip Mines in the Weapons section. Added a brief page on Jedi Vs. Merc gametype, and corrected an omission about it on the Setup page. Finally got around to posting USER SUBMISSIONS!

>>March 21, 2003: Cleaning Up
The news list was getting a little long, so I added an Old News Archive page for the updates from 2002. Work continues on the Jedi Master page. Added a quick demo to the Saber page (the infamous DFA).

>>March 19, 2003: Updates
A few things were added to the Setup page about server icons.

>>March 18, 2003: Only a Master of Evil...
A preliminary Jedi Master page is up, for your critical viewing pleasure. Also a new link was added to the Guides page (thanks to Tom for that one!). Fixed a couple of things in the Dark Side section relating to Force Grip and Dark Rage.

>>March 16, 2003: Attack of the Holocrons
I've finally gotten around to writing up a quick page of tips for Holocron Deathmatch. Also a couple of things were added to the Darkside and Items pages. Update to the CTF page with some tips on CTY. Quick update to Setup page. A tip was sent in about "disarming" your opponent in a Saber Lock, additionally.

>>March 15, 2003: Slice 'n' Dice
Not really a strategy update per se, but a novel in-game feature nonetheless... updated the Lightsaber page with info on blood and dismemberment in multiplayer games.

>>March 14, 2003: CFG & Updates
Download my sample CFG file for JediMaster/Holocron FFA here. A few typos fixed on various pages and links to the Strategy Shack forums fixed.

>>March 11, 2003: Progress
I'm working on some basic guides related to Jedi Master and Holocron FFA game mode, which seem to be unfortunately both underplayed and under-documented. Maybe we can help change that? Anyway, I'm also doing some new sample cfg files to go with the guides (hope you have nimble fingers!). These will hopefully be finished and posted soon.

>>March 4, 2003: CTF Updates
As we near the first anniversary of the release of Jedi Outcast, sith and I have endeavored to add content to a section that's been long coming, the CTF Strategy page. It is still in rough form and hopefully will see many updates in the coming weeks. I also tweaked the basic force cfg files in the Setup section slightly.

>>February 10, 2003: Changes
I'd like to wish everyone out there a happy new year, and say a prayer for the astronauts who died in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, and their families.

I am trying to get back to work here with the site and it hasn't been easy. Still, we will try to bring you our latest findings, especially in regard to "bot commands" and other things relating to CTF.

I would like to also take this time to announce that all email addresses of mine are defunct and my new address is as follows: kurgan@jediknight.net. Please send all strategy and comments about the site there!

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