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User Submission:

Chuahtemoc (with comment by iceman9722)

(Originally posted on the Multiplayer Strategy forums on 5/20/02-5/22/02)

Lightsaber Strategies

Attack, Flip, Attack
The potential in the Fast Style is endless, but the medium style has its perks, too. This must be done with precision and timing. When your enemy lets his guard down (An easy way to do this is to wait a while after taking a few hits, kill your saber, etc. Jump forward and take a horizontal slash. He'll probably block it, but be persistent. Strafe left, but quickly Strafe-Flip right. Slash horizontally immediately as you hit the ground, and you should fake him and get him at the side.

The Shooting Saber
Pull a LOT of fast blows with the saber on Fast style. Immediately whip out the Bryar to fake out your opponent. Shoot off into a corner, and he may turn to look. If not, good for him, but whip out the saber and sway side to side while slashing at him. Every other time, shoot with the E-11 or something to piss him off. Remember, for light Jedi, it's easier to kill on defense.

Pull to Crotch Shot
Force pull you opponent, then flip over him and get him in a corner. Take a few head shots, jump, and land in a Crouching position. Then give him a good ol' crotch jab with that glowing rod in your hand.

Other Secret Moves

Crawling Saber
Crouch, then throw your saber. While the saber is in the air, jump to catch it. It'll swerve up and the guy ahead of you won't guess that it'll hit him in the head.

Technically, this should get you to roll forward first, then retreat, and do more damage to the opponent on the second roll backwards.

Keep your finger on the 7 key, and make sure you have good shielding. Stay on the defensive side, take a lot of hits, then snap up the DEMP 2 and toast his ass before he sees it coming.

More Lightsaber Strategies

In & Out
Keep you opponent on Defense. Once he is faked, Force Push him away. Then Flip and land in a Crouch+Forward+Attack. Then Flip back and wait for him to recuperate. If you do it right, he'll never know what hit him.

The "Reborn" Trick
Allow your self to stay on defense and keep your guard loose. Then, strike once or twice, and let your guard fall again. Once he's sure he can beat you, press Forward+Jump+Attack and you'll pull one of those fancy flipping things and spin to Hit him in the back. It's a 3 Point Hit, once in the front, once overhead, and once in the back. The Reborn do it all the time in single player, and if your opponent is willing enough to underestimate you, he'll fall for this.

(iceman9722 commented on this with)

He's talking about the Medium finisher move. Tap Forward+Jump+Attack with Medium when someone is right in front of you. You have to have a red reticule on them for it to happen. Your guy will kind of dive down headfirst and stab with the saber, and then flourish his saber out to the right. This technique is actually pretty effective. Let your opponent think he is on the offense and sit back and parry a bit. When he tries to be more aggressive, do the Medium finisher. You should dive right on top of him and stab him, and if that doesn't kill him, your flourish with the blade will. Be careful not to use it too frequently, though, because it leaves you wide open for a long time.

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