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Here you can contact the people who maintain this site!

NOTE: We will not give out game tips via email, nor will we be able to help you with tech support issues or give out other information not related to the site itself.

Contact us only to point out problems or mistakes on the page, or to Submit Strategies for consideration for posting on the page. We will give each original submission that we post credit where possible.

Note that while we do our best to read and respond to the email we get, we cannot always do so in a timely manner, but do not let this stop you from emailing us. It may take several days for an article to appear.

Duplicate submissions will be ignored, though you can contact us to be sure we got your submission, or send in corrections to content.

Emails asking how to cheat in multiplayer or how to "hack" or "crack" the game will also be deleted and ignored.

Kurgan - Outcast Strategy Content Manager

Swoosh - Outcast Strategy Page / Layout Designer

sith - Strategy Writer