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Capture the flag, abbreviated as ctf, is a team game which requires clear thinking, good communication, and a set of priorities. Before we get into that, we need to know the basics.


Your team's objective in capture the flag is to get the enemy's flag and return to your base while protecting your flag. This means that you will have to get into the base and get it back which is offense. You will also have to defend your base and your flag which is called defense. Both of these things must be in order for your team to work. They are of equal importance; without either one, the other fails. So while some spots on a team seem more glorious than others, everyone has to work to get something done.


It is more important to capture the other teams flag than to get personal points. The team that has the most captures at the end of the round is the winner, personal points simply reflect how well you did as an individual. The scoring system is as follows:

Team Actions Points
Capturing the enemy's flag +1


Individual Actions Points
Pick up enemy flag +10
Capture the flag +100
Your team captures the flag +25
Recover your flag +10
Recover your flag, allowing for immediate capture +10
Eliminate enemy flag carrier +20
Eliminate enemy flag carrier, allowing for immediate capture +10
Protect your flag carrier +5
Protect your base +10


A good knowledge of all the maps is neccesary for a good team. Most of the maps are symemmetrical but in some maps there are minor differences. You must know good places to defend your base from, ways into the other base, and where the flag and powerups up are at all times. Learn when and where things regenerate so you can establish a "loop" as a patrol ground. Make sure everyone on your team knows important locations by name so they can be quickly summoned for help. These things will make your team much better.

Force Powers

Force powers take on a different role in capture the flag than in other gametypes. You must choose you powers considering what part of the team you are and what you are going to do. If you have a role as flag runner for example, you will need all the speed and health you can get. Other positions may need more offensive or defensive powers depending on what they do. Think about what you do and what powers you need to help fulfill your spot on the team.


As part of a team, each person has a unique role. (This is a large topic and may have its own article, coming someday)