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User Submission:

The "Nar Shadda Cubbie-Hole"

(contributions by Poobaca, griff and DeTRiTiC-iQ)

On the 'Nar Shadda Streets' map, using the Force, a secret hiding place is revealed!

Like the "mine jump" to reach the overhead ceiling pipes in 'Bespin Air Shafts' this trick isn't too useful strategically, but it looks cool when you snipe somebody from there...

griff (attacking) and Poobaca (hiding) show off the "Nar Shadda Cubbie Hole" hiding place.

(MPEG video format, aprox 1.81 mb in size)

Download "NarShaddaCubbiehole.mpg"

DeTRiTiC-iQ demonstrates how to get there with Force Jump/Speed.

(AVI video format aprox 1.34 mb in size)

Download "jump.avi"