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User Submission:


(Mike Gummelt of Raven Software)

(Originally posted on the Strategy Shack forums on 7/12/02, also various comments paraphrased)

Improving Saber Handling in both CTF and Duels, without using Mods or Cheats

Use of various console commands can be used to customize the lightsaber fighting experience in Multiplayer. Specifically there has been some controversy over saber use in Duels and Lightsaber Challenges (people usually wish to have longer duels with lower damage and more blocking) and saber use in CTF and FFA with other weapons (more damage, usually less blocking than in Duels).

ChangKhan[Raven] gives this advice:

"A reminder to dedicated server runners: I recommend that you set g_saberTraceSaberFirst to "1" only for duel modes, set it to "0" for all other modes. This will make the saber combat last longer (because blocks work more frequently) in duel mode, but they will be shorter in other modes."

He also says that g_SaberDamageScale 2 or 3 can be used for greater saber damage in non-Duel modes (like CTF where other weapons are present). Whereas a value of 1 is probably better for long-drawn out Duels.

Unfortunately, a great many servers don't seem to realize how effective these commands are. Jedi Academy will use a similar principle. With default settings, the sabers do more damage in non Duel modes, and less in Duel. Thus both saber duelists and those who use sabers+guns+force and play CTF should be happy.

It should be noted, that these commands are best used in 1.04 version of the game (the last patch), which also adds four new Duel maps to the game.