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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy FAQ

by Stormhammer (see the forums for the most up to date version)

September 22nd, 2003 Edition (final)

Edits since this FAQ was created (in hindsight of the game's release and the final patch) are marked in bold italics within [ ]'s like this.

This brief FAQ has been designed to answer some questions that seem to be uppermost in people's minds. It's a rough and ready guide, and subject to change, but please read through it first to see if your
question has already been answered, before posting in the forum. Thank you.

WARNING: This FAQ may contain some information that may be considered 'spoiler' material (if you wish to know nothing about game content).

Some formatting (including numbered Q's and A's) have been added for further clarity).

Choose a section to skip to...

Q1. Is this Jedi Knight III?

A1. Not specifically. Although it is the third game in the Jedi Knight series, this game goes in a slightly different direction, and the III has been omitted from the title. It is simply called Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

Q2. Is this just an expansion pack for Jedi Outcast? I’ve heard the engine and content is the same.

A2. No. Jedi Academy is a full sequel and a continuation of the Jedi Knight series. In a recent article in PC Gaming World, they included the following comparison...

Levels: 26 in JA, 24 in JO
Locations: 21 in JA, 9 in JO
Force Powers: 16 in JA, 11 in JO

The SP game is longer than JO, has a different story,some different enemies, a different method of progression, you play as a different character, there are some different MP modes, more vehicles, and there is a greater emphasis on lightsaber combat. The game is a full sequel.

Q3. What engine does the game use?

A3. The game is built on the same engine as Jedi Outcast (which was based on heavily modified Quake 3 Arena code), but it has been even more heavily modified in terms of terrain scale and complexity, model animation and definition, scripting and other areas. Key engine modifications include:

Arioche Terrain System - developed originally for Soldier Of Fortune II, this has now been implemented for the JA engine.

ICARUS 2 - is an advanced scripting system. Scripts will now be available for use in MP.

GHOUL 2 - is the animation system that incorporates hit zones for models and handles bolt-on models
(like hats and glasses).

Q4. Is there location-based damage in the game?

A4. Yes. Due to the implementation of the Ghoul II technology, body and particularly head shots will be more damaging than hitting limbs. As in Jedi Outcast, you will be able to sever limbs in lightsaber combat.

Q5. On which platform will this game be released?

A5. At the moment, the game is scheduled for release on the PC and X-Box platforms. No other platforms have been mentioned at this time.

Q6. When will the game be released?

A6. Jedi Academy has officially gone GOLD, and should be in US stores on 17th September 2003. Outside of North America, the release date has been set for 19th September 2003.

Q7. Will a playable demo be released for the game?

A7. Yes. A single-player only demo for Jedi Academy has been released, and you can grab it from LucasFiles. For a list of other mirrors, check the main page. Warning...the demo is 186Mb, so it's not 56k friendly. The demo shows the customisation options, and has two complete levels from the final game.

Q8. Are there any trailers for the game?

A8. Yes. You can either visit the Official site and look under the Gallery Section for video trailers, or alternatively download them from, including our own exclusive in-game footage.

Q9. Will my system be able to run the game?

A9. System specifications have just been released on the official site, as follows:

OS: Win98/Win98SE/WinME/Win2000/WinXP

100% Directx 9.0a compatible computer is required.

CPU: Pentium III or Athlon Class 450Mhz or faster

Memory: 128Mb RAM required, 256Mb recommended

Graphics: 32Mb OpenGL 1.4 compatible PCI or AGP 3D Accelerator card

Sound: 16-bit Directx 9.0a compatible sound card

If your system does not meet these specifications, you may experience difficulties running the game.

Q10. Who is developing the game?

A10. Raven Software is developing the game under the guidance and direction of Lucasarts.

Q11. Are these the official Lucasarts forums?

A11. No. However, the forums are the Premier forums for Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy, and LucasForums (part of the LFNetwork) covers all Lucasarts titles. Some of the developers of Jedi Academy visit these forums to keep people informed about the game.

Q12. Where can I find further information?

A12. You can visit the Official Jedi Academy Site. You can also visit Raven Software. For up to date news on articles and announcements about the game, you can also visit JKII.Net).

Q13. Will I be playing Kyle Katarn again in the Single Player campaign?

A13. No. You will play your own customisable character who is a student at the Jedi Academy. Kyle Katarn is now a teacher at the Academy, and you will meet him along with Luke Skywalker.

Q14. Can I choose my own name in SP?

A14. Unfortunately not. Your name in the game will be 'Jaden Korr' according to a recent article. The same name will be used for both male and female characters that you might create. It is suspected
that you cannot choose your own name due to issues around cut scenes, and de-personalising the in-game experience.

Q15. I've heard you can customise your character. What does this mean?

A15. Yes, you will be able to choose a different race, gender, skin colour and clothing for your character.
Apparently there will be around 2000 different combinations for the look of your character. Your customised character can also be used in MP modes.

Q16. What races can I choose to play in the game?

A16. Currently confirmed races (together with initial lightsaber stances) include:

Human (male or female)
Rodian (male only)
Twi'lek (female only)
Zabrak (Darth Maul's race - female only)
Kel Dor (Plo Koon's race from The Phantom Menace - male only)

All races will now start with the 'Medium' lightsaber stance, according to the official site.

The reason for the restriction on genders for particular races has not been made clear at this time. It is suspected that it may be possible to add other genders via mods.

Q17. Can I modify my lightsaber?

A17. Yes. You will be able to choose a different hilt and blade colour for your lightsaber. Colours for the blade will be preset, and include Green, Orange, Blue, Purple and Gold for SP. Red will probably be selectable in MP only, and you may receive a Red blade if you turn to the Dark side in SP. This is similar to the choices available in Jedi Outcast MP modes. For dual sabers, you can choose a different colour/hilt for each blade.

Q18. I've heard you can choose more than one lightsaber in the game. Is this true?

A18. Yes. You will initially be given a single lightsaber at the start of the game. Later in the game you will be given the opportunity to choose between wielding two lightsabers, or having the double-bladed lightstaff, which is similar to Darth Maul's signature weapon.

Q19. Someone told me you can switch between all three types of sabers at will, by joining dual sabers into the lightstaff. Is this true?

A19. No. You will have to choose between either dual sabers or the lightstaff. Although a quick switch between dual sabers and lightstaff was shown on some video footage, this was simply a cheat for demo purposes, and will not be included in the final release of the game. You will, however, be able to turn off one blade of the lightstaff and use it as a single blade.

Q20. Are there any new lightsaber stances?

A20. Yes. New moves have been implemented for the whole range of saber combat, and the recent update
to the official site confirms the stances for each blade type...

Single Saber


Stab Back, Lunge Attack, Force Pull Impale, Attack Kata, Attack Enemy on Ground, Cartwheel, Stab Forward


Slash Back, Flip Attack, Force Pull Slash, Attack Kata, Attack Enemy on Ground, Cartwheel, Stab Forward


Slash Back, Jump Attack, Force Pull Slash, Attack Kata, Attack Enemy on Ground, Cartwheel, Stab Forward

You will be able to use saber throw as usual.

Dual Sabers

This stance will incorporate faster and spinning types of attacks as follows...

Slash Back, Flip Forward Attack, Twirl, Attack Enemy On Ground, Saber Barrier, Stab Front And Back, Stab Left And Right, Cartwheel, Stab ForwardYou will be able to saber throw one blade, while retaining the other for defence or attack.

Saber Staff

This stance will incorporate acrobatic flips and kicks in any direction, including...

Slash Back, Backflip Attack, Twirl, Spinning Kata, Attack Enemy on Ground, Kick, Jump Kick, Split Kick, Spin Kick, Flip Kick, Butterfly Attack, Stab Forward

While the two blades are lit, you will not be able to use saber throw - but you will be able to extinguish one blade in order to use saber throw.

Q21. What other weapons will be in the game?

A21. In recent interviews it has been stated that you will have two more weapons than in Jedi Outcast.

Currently confirmed weapons (in interviews and trailers) include:

(double-bladed lightsaber)
BlasTech DL-44 hand blaster
(like Han Solo's weapon)
E-11 Blaster Rifle
Wookiee Bowcaster
Imperial Heavy Repeater
(Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse)
Stouker Concussion Rifle
Golan Arms FC-1 Flechette Weapon
Tenloss Disruptor Rifle
(with Sniper scope)
Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System
Thermal Detonators
Laser trip mines
Detonation Packs

It should be noted that Jedi Academy has a 'weapons loadout' feature, which restricts the weapons with which you can start each mission. You have a lightsaber and Blastech DL-44 by default, and can then choose a further 2 guns, plus an explosive device (TD, DP, LTM).

Q22. What equipment will be in the inventory this time?

A22. At least some of the equipment (if not all) will be returning from Jedi Outcast, including the currently confirmed items:

Arakyd Mark VII Inquisitor (also known as a Remote)
Stationery Shield
Personal Shield Generator
Assault Sentry

None of these were selectable in the SP demo, so they may be MP only.

You will also have access to the stationery Ammo (orange) and Power (green) converters seen in Jedi Outcast.

Q23. What Force powers will be in the game?

A23. This time around, some of the Force powers found in JO's MP will now make an appearance in JA's SP campaign.

Force powers will include:


  • Speed
  • Jump
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Saber Throw
  • Force Sense - similar to 'Seeing' in JO's MP it will allow you to 'see' some enemies through walls and other obstacles nearby.
  • Saber Defence
  • Saber Offence

Light Side

  • Heal - Team Heal has also been confirmed for MP
  • Protect
  • Absorb
  • Jedi Mind Trick - it is now confirmed as a Light Side only power in the recent demo.

Dark Side

  • Drain
  • Lightning
  • Grip
  • Rage

You will be able to combine some Force powers for special attacks, like Grip + Saber Throw to get a mid-section slice, and Speed + Jump to achieve long Force jumps.

You can see examples of each Force power on the Official site.

Q24. How will Force progression be handled in SP? Will it be the same as Jedi Outcast, with set Force powers being made available at certain points?

A24. No. In the demo you can level up (to a maximum of 3 levels) in a particular Force power for each mission, from a choice of 8 Force powers (4 light side, or 4 Dark side). So you will be able to choose which Force powers you want to improve on a particular mission. You will have access to the neutral Force powers from the beginning, and these will be automatically upgraded throughout the game.

Q25. Am I stuck playing the Light Side again?

A25. No. You will be able to choose Dark Side powers in Single Player, and start down the path to the Dark Side. How far you will be allowed to go is uncertain, but there are apparently two different endings to the game dependent on which path you choose in the Force.

Q26. Will there be any guest appearances in JA, like Lando in Jedi Outcast?

A26. Yes. There will be guest appearances by Chewbacca, Wedge Antilles, C-3PO and Boba Fett, and it is possible other characters from the movies may make an appearance. Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn will also return.

Q27. Will this be another linear game like JO?

A27. No. This time around, you will be able to select which missions you wish to play. There is a 'tiered' system for mission choices, with 5 possible mission choices in each tier. You need only complete 4 missions from each tier, and skip the 5th, but doing so means you will miss out on gaining some additional Force powers, and possibly other equipment. Some articles have also mentioned that if you find a particular mission too difficult, you can abandon it and try another, or try that mission again later. This system should add a great deal of flexibility to the Single Player campaign.

Q28. Will there be lots of difficult puzzles to solve like in Jedi Outcast?

A28. The emphasis in Jedi Academy is on action, rather than puzzles. That is not to say there will be no puzzles, but there will be fewer, and less complicated puzzles, than in Jedi Outcast.

Q29. Will we see any locations from the movies in the game?

A29. Yes. You will again visit the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, and Tatooine, Hoth and Coruscant have been confirmed as places to visit.

'Darth Vader's Castle' is mentioned in a recent article (which appears in some EU stories). Since the 'music' appeared on the official site, it appears Korriban is also one of the locations, as there are 2 themes that mention it by name.

Each new mission is apparently based in a new setting, and as stated above, there will be approximately 21 different locations.

Q30. What types of enemies will be included in the game?

A30. Currently confirmed enemies include Imperial Snowtroopers, Imperial Stormtroopers, TIE Pilots, Imperial Probe Droids, Tusken Raiders, Rodians, Gran, Trandoshans, Weequays, Mercenaries, Attack Droids, Rancors, Wampa ice creatures, a Sarlacc-like creature, and Cultists/Dark Jedi.

Q31. What kinds of NPCs or Allies will there be in the game?

A31. Currently we know there will be Jawas, other Padawan learners, and Chewbacca will join you as an ally on one of the missions.

Q32. I've seen some screenshots, and the interface appears to have changed. What do the new parts
of the HUD represent?

A32. Yes. There is a different look for the on-screen HUD, but it does the same job as the one in Jedi Outcast. On the left you have a bar for Health (red), and one for Shields (green). On the right you have a bar for Force power (blue), and a bar for ammunition. The bar seen at the bottom of the screen in some screenshots is a shield/health rating for the vehicle/Tauntaun you are currently riding.

Q33. Will I have to complete a number of missions with just guns, like in Jedi Outcast?

A33. No. You will obtain a single lightsaber at the very beginning of the game. As you progress through the game, you will later be able to pick up dual sabers or the lightstaff.

Q34. Will there be driveable vehicles in the game?

A34. Yes. The AT-ST has been confirmed as returning, along with a Swoop bike. You will also be able to ride on a Tauntaun, the bipedal creatures seen on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back. Other driveable vehicles may also be in the game, but no others have been mentioned or confirmed. Some driveable vehicles will also appear in the Siege MP mode. An X-Wing has also been mentioned in some articles, but this is not yet confirmed.

Q35. Is this an MMORPG (Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with a monthly fee?

A35. No. This is an FPS you can play offline, or you can have multiplayer games online that cost you nothing.The only Star Wars MMORPG is Star Wars Galaxies. You can find the forum for Galaxies here.

Q36. Can I use my customised SP character skin in MP?

A36. Yes. You will be able to use your SP skin in MP. And because the engine itself supports this level of customisation, you will be able to see the customised skins of other players who use the default customisation options. For those who make their own skins or modifications, you will have to download that content in the usual way to be able to view it in-game, and server-side restrictions will also apply.

Q37. Will there be other Multiplayer skins?

A37. Yes. There will be a further 50 MP skins to choose from.

Q38. Can I play the X-Box version online?

A38. Yes. Jedi Academy supports X-Box Live! for online play.

Q39. What MP modes will be available in the game?

A39. Confirmed MP modes for the game include:

Deathmatch (Free For All - FFA)

Team Deathmatch (Team Free For All - TFFA)

Capture The Flag (CTF)

Duel - 1v1 saber duelling combat, similar to that seen in Jedi Outcast.

Power Duel - a variation on Duel that will allow 2v1 duelling.

Siege - a new objective-based team game

The Jedi Master, Holocron and Capture The Ysalimari modes will NOT be returning in Jedi Academy

Q40. What is Siege mode?

A40. Siege mode is a new MP mode that is team-based, class-based and objective-based. It has been likened (in a recent review) to the Enemy Territory style of play in Return To Castle Wolfenstein. The following classes will be available:

Heavy Weapons
Scout (sniper)

Each class will have a restricted set of weapons and equipment they can use, which will also be dependent on which side of the Force you choose (Lightside or Darkside). For the Scout class, for example, you will be able to use a Cloaking device (for Light Side), or a Jet Pack (for Dark Side). Other classes will have access to things like deployable shields, laser sentry cannons, Bacta canisters, and hovering Seeker Drones.

As seen in recent screenshots, there will be a 'radar' type of map indicating the location of key objectives, and a clock which is thought to be a timer that will count down, meaning objectives have to be completed within a certain time limit. Both AT-STs and Swoop bikes will be utilised in Siege mode, and one map will allow for a Rebels vs Imperials scenario on Hoth to fight for Echo Base.

[The "Light Side" refers to the "Good Guy Team," while the "Dark Side" in this case refers to the "Bad Guy Team." Since, in the final version of the game, typically only the Jedi class has any usable Force powers on a given team.]

Q41. How many players will be supported in MP modes?

A41. Up to 16 players are supported via LAN or online, at 56k or faster connections.

Q42. Will there be bot support for MP modes of play?

A42. Yes. Jedi Academy supports AI controlled bots similar to those in Jedi Outcast.

Q43. Will there be an option to give bots commands in MP modes?

A43. One of the development team recently hinted in the forums that some kind of command structure may be implemented for some team-based modes (like Siege). This has yet to be fully confirmed.

[This feature was worked on, but never finished in the final version. Traces of it remain in the game's scripting code.]

Q44. What are the server options?

A44. These will be similar to Jedi Outcast, including theability to join Internet or LAN servers via an in-game browser, and the ability to start your own server for online play, or create a private server for clans or groups.

Q45. Will I be able to modify the game?

A45. Yes. The developers have stated that Jedi Academy will be more mod-friendly than Jedi Outcast.

Q46. Will we be able to convert our models/skins/maps and other Mods from Jedi Outcast to Jedi Academy?

A46. One of the developers recently stated that models/skins from Jedi Outcast will be 'automagically' converted by the game for use in Jedi Academy. Most JO maps should also work without much tweaking or alteration. Regarding other mods where coding is involved, it is expected that extra or alternative coding will be required for Jedi Academy.

Q47. Will editing tools be supplied with the game?

A47. Editing tools will probably be released for download over the net after the game's release. It is expected that no SDK will be made available for the Singleplayer part of the game.

Q48. Which editing tools have been used to develop the game?A.

A48. A version of GTKRadiant has been utilised for level design.

Q49. Under which programming language is the game written?

A49. Visual C is the programming language.

Q50. Which programs were used to create the models and animations?

A50. Models were created in both Softimage XSI and 3DS Max 5.1, and animations developed through Softimage XSI.

Q51. How have cinematics been implemented in the game?

A51. Cinematics were produced both in-engine and pre-rendered via a third party, Creat® Studios.

FAQ by Stormhammer see the forums for the most up to date version.