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Jedi Master

Here you will find our strategies on playing the Jedi Master gametype.

Note: It is first advisable to learn the various Force Powers and Weapons, as well as familiarize yourself with the Items and basic game mechanics before attempting to play this competative mode!

Jedi Master is an often under-appreciated, but rather fun change of pace from the everyday saber duels and deathmatch servers.

You should come here with a basic understanding of FFA (deathmatch) gameplay, as well as knowledge of all the Force Powers. It is highly recommended that you create a Force CFG file specifically for this mode. Here is a sample CFG file for you to modify to your needs.

Jedi Master (sometimes abbreviated "JM")

Player being attacked by the Jedi Master. Notice the glow around him and the exposed areas to aim for...

Jedi Master is unfortunately perhaps the most underplayed game mode in Jedi Outcast today. This does not always have to be the case however! I would encourage server admins reading this to seriously consider giving this game mode a chance, as it can be quite fun with enough people.

The game itself is much like the old schoolyard game of “tag.”

Each match begins like a normal Deathmatch, except that no player has any Force (except for Level 1 Force Jump) or a lightsaber. Thus players are limited to the Stun Baton, Bryar Pistol and whatever guns/explosive and gadgets they can pick up and use.

Players cannot harm one another (though they could theoretically blast each other off ledges) in this state. Essentially they are all on the same “team.”

There is one lightsaber in the level (that always respawns in the same place) which glows gold through walls. Once picked up, this player becomes the Jedi Master. As the JM, he receives 200 health (total) and all of the Force Powers at their highest levels (except for Absorb and Drain) while some music plays. The JM glows blue (through walls) to all non-force players. His 200 health count down until it reaches 100, and then it functions as normal. He loses access to all his weapons (minus the saber) but his items and shields remain as before.

Now the rest of the players are able to kill him. He scores points by killing the non-force players. The JM’s only weapon is his lightsaber (and the Force) and any items he can pick up.

Only the JM may score, thus it’s a race for the lightsaber and who can hold onto it and get the most kills. The non-force players may work together to kill the JM, but after that, it’s every person for himself!

David Pathakjee pointed out that in fact killing the Jedi Master is also worth a point.

Keep in mind that you can use all the force powers, so utilize a control config that takes advantage of this. You can also still use items like the Assault Sentry and Seeker, and pickup the Large Shield Boost, which you will definitely need to stay alive.

JM works best when there are a lot of players (6 and up, IMHO, though it varies with the map).

Grab the lightsaber as soon as possible, but on your way there, be sure to pickup items you will need later, like the Assault Sentry, Portable Shield Generator and Shield Boosts. Note that there are no Force Enlightenments in the maps (for obvious reasons). On a level with lots of ledges, its easy pickings as you push, pull, and grip people over the edge. Your main concern as the JM is to not be overwhelmed.

Try to take out opponents one at a time by keeping them separated. Use your superior maneuverability with Speed/Jump to keep them in chaos (keeping tabs on them with Seeing, whilst avoiding Disruptor shots).

Killing the JM is difficult when you’re a non-forcer, so go for the big guns and explosives. He will be able to pull your weapons away, so be ready with Thermal Detonators (if you can get that close). The Assault Sentry can be a good distraction. Stay away from ledges and pitfalls. If you happen to blast him to his doom off a cliff, the saber will respawn in the pre-determined place for that map, go for it!

Sometimes it pays to hang back, if there’s a big fire fight going on, so that you can be ready to snatch the saber up after the JM dies and it goes bouncing around. Protection is a good idea, but fleeing with speed (to get your bearings) is important too. Your mana recharges at the rate of a Jedi Master, but you should still be on the lookout for bacta and Large Shield Boosts to keep your shields and health at maximum.

Tips Playing as the Jedi Master

The first 100 seconds after grabbing the Lightsaber are perhaps the most important, as that's the maximum amount of time that 200 health can last before you're reduced to normal health maximum. Sometimes it may even pay to "wait" to snatch up the Lightsaber handle until some guys are nearby for you to attack right away with that extra health.

If you just grabbed a Super Shield (or two) you're even better, with 200/200 (tricky, but possible).

Keep your saber out. This may seem obvious, but there's little point in stealth, since other players can see you glowing from the other side of the map, and you need your blade for kills and blocking incoming projectiles.

While your lightsaber is a powerful, powerful weapon (you're the Jedi Master, remember?) you should do everything you can to maximize the amount of damage you can do to your foes to stay on top. This means not bothering to use Strong Stance (except for the occasional kill if you can time it right)... unless you're an expert. You'll have better luck with Fast or occasionally Medium.

Also keep in mind that Strong stance is very dangerous because it leaves you open when you do a big swing, like the Death From Above move. Fast is weak, but allows you to strike several opponents quickly, whilst blocking their shots most of the time.

Remember that you have both defensive and offensive Force. Thus you combine the philosophies of the playing styles of both Dark and Light Side Jedi. Use the attack powers to enhance your lightsaber attacks against your foes (Lightning, Grip, Dark Rage, Push, Pull, Lightsaber Throw, and your special abilities like the Kick) while using your defensive powers to keep you alive long enough to survive each assault since you'll be constantly under attack (Protect, Heal).

Mind Trick is a toss up. While it makes you invisible to players on screen, I have not tested (and you can see why when it seems there are usually only 1 or 2 servers online at any time in version 1.04) to see if it masks the huge "glow" that you normally give off through walls. If anybody knows, drop me a line.

According to David Pathakjee Mind Trick does indeed mask the glow of the Jedi Master.

Use Speed, Jump and the Portable Shield Generator to get away from crowds and buy you time to collect health, shields and other items you'll need to survive. Remember your score is based on kills, not survival time (although these go hand in hand usually). Lightsabers are not big kill tally weapons, so you'll need to do your share of Push/Pull/Gripping people off cliffs and into traps. There is little place for honor in this mode, since you're being ganged up on by non-Jedi, so fight dirty!

Make liberal use of Assault Sentries and the Seeker drone to give you more support fire and perhaps an extra kill here and there. Hog the Super Shields (since they can get them too) and Bactas.

I personally would avoid using Dark Rage unless you know you can take out everyone in the room with it (which is difficult with just a lightsaber) considering the recovery period is agonizingly long, and you'll be set upon immediately (and probably lose your Lightsaber in the process!).

Tips Playing Against the Jedi Master

Hog the Shield and Health powerups so that he can't use them. Stock up on lots of weapons since he'll be be able to disarm you (but not use them) and you'll have to be ready to use another one or run and pick up your lost gun.

Use explosives on him, since those are impossible to block with the lightsaber (just watch out for him pushing the projectiles back).

If you have the Bryar or ST Rifle, try for a "crotch shot" to get past his saber and score a hit. Crouching while firing sometimes does the trick, but don't just sit there, as he'll be on you in a second. Your targets should be his back, non-saber side, and below the belt, or in the chest while his saber is away (for example while he's winding up for the big DFA swing).

Start of the move

Sniping may be useful, but remember that he can dodge charged Disruptor shots with Seeing (mix up Primary and Secondary to nullify his advantage).

Also stay away from ledges since he can easily Push or Grip you over the side. Setup mine traps, and if possible get the other non-Force guys to flush him towards your trap.

If you can grab the Ysalamari, this will stop him from using the Force on you, but not from his Saber swings or Throw, so don't get cocky.