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Jedi Vs. Mercenary ("Jedi Vs. Merc")

Here you will find our strategies on playing this class-based variation that can be applied to other gametypes.

Note: It is first advisable to learn the various Force Powers and Weapons, as well as familiarize yourself with the Items and basic game mechanics before attempting to play this bonus gametype!

This section provides basic tips for learning to play Jedi Vs. Merc, a hidden "bonus" gameplay modification included with the 1.04 patch of the game.

It can be applied to other game modes, such as CTF, FFA, Duel, etc.

You should come here with a basic understanding of each of the normal gametypes (FFA, CTF, etc) and basic gameplay. You will need to know the Force and Lightsaber to be a Jedi, and the other weapons and items to be a Mercenary, but knowledge of the other side is essential to fighting against others of the opposite class.

Jedi vs. Merc Overview

Using this mode requires the 1.04 patch to be installed. Next, the server must have a console command enabled in the main config file (for example the autoexec.cfg)

seta g_jediVmerc "1"

(1 means that all game modes are set to "Jedi vs. Merc" until changed. 0 allows normal gameplay in each gametype. Think of it as a switch, just like the "Saber Only" switch).

You'll know its a Jedi vs. Merc server, when it displays this icon in the server menu:

Once a game begins, look in your player setup profile... there will be an option for "Jedi: Yes/No" at the bottom of your screen. If you enable "Yes" you become a Jedi, "No" you become a Mercenary.

Although the name implies they fight each other, this depends purely on player preference. Teams can be a mixture of classes, and it is based solely on personal preference.

Here is a basic comparision between the two classes.

Class "Jedi"
Usable Weapon(s) Lightsaber only
Starting Gear Lightsaber
Force Abilities Selectable Force (varies with Force Level of server)
Item Use Large/Small Shield Boosts, Seeker Drone, Force Boon, Force Enlightenments
Class "Merc"
Usable Weapon(s) Anything but the Lightsaber.
Starting Gear

Bryar, ST Rifle, Bowcastor, Stun Baton

100 Blaster Pack units, 300 Energy Cells

Force Abilities No Force powers whatsoever.
Item Use Everything except Seeker Drones, Force Boons, or Force Enlightenments

Otherwise, the two classes are the same as in normal gameplay (each start with the same amount of health/shields, etc).

Jedi can pull weapons away from Mercenaries (except the Bryar or Stun Baton) but cannot use those weapons themselves... so a disarmed Merc can run over and pickup his dropped gun again (and lose it again, etc).

Interestingly, the Mercenary does have a full Mana pool (which he cannot use, since he lacks even the basic Force Jump). Does this mean that Force Drain will work on him to heal a Dark Jedi?

MINDofSIN reports that this is indeed the case.

As a Merc, the Ysalamari (see Items section) is far more useful than before, since it doesn't change your abilities in the least, but gives you some immunity from Jedi force attacks (though it does make you a nice bright target for enemy Mercs to snipe at).

By now players should have some experience with "Non Force" verses "Force+Saber" battles, due to Holocron FFA and Jedi Master gametypes. It may help you to play these gametypes first, or Jedi Vs. Merc may help prepare you for the others. It's up to you to use the method that works best.

Unlike the other two gamemodes however, you do not need to worry about mastering all of the Force powers, just the ones you plan to use (if a Jedi).

Let's just say for now that each class will have to really know its stuff to be able to take out members of the other.

With issues of game balance in mind, I would theorize that this game mode would be best played in something like CTF, rather than as a straight FFA Deathmatch. But I need to do more research to be sure, and comments are welcome.