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Dedicated Server Status (Meatgrinder)

>>March 30, 2010: Server Sponsorship!
The official server of this site, the Meatgrinder, has gone through many ups and downs over the years, but now finally, just when my budget for the server was drying up, offered free sponsorship of the server. So you have them to thank for keeping the old place up and running, delivering non-stop JKA action as it was meant to be played. Do them a favor and check out their excellent service (not just for hosting Jedi games!).  Cleanup is beginning on the old news archive.

>>June 17, 2009: New Server Trackers
Finally, I've updated the server status page, with the new trackers. The new High Speed Dedicated Server should be up and running by this weekend!

>>May 25, 2009: Server Update!
This summer I've decided to run my personal JKA server at various times for people to play. It's not nearly the speed of the old servers, but it will suffice for some small games. Check the link for the IP. I'm running it May 23-28, and then after June 1st. Download the JK2 FFA pack and the Bonus pack for full compatibility from the downloads page.

>>May 5, 2009: Blood! Download Cleanup
Cleaned up the downloads page a bit. After testing out several "blood mods" I found one equivalent to the JK2 Uncut mod for JK2, that I like (a simple pk3 this time).

>>May 2, 2009: More Cleanup
Updated the Power Duel page. Here and there I'm fixing a few spelling errors and tidying things up. I did some preliminary work on a few unfinished articles, that may or may not be uploaded by the end of the summer.

>>April 13, 2009: Spring Cleaning
It has been ages since my last update, due to my time being taken up by grad school and work, yet the game lives on! The server has been down for quite awhile, unfortunately, but I may bring it back up (at a new IP) sporadically over the course of 2009. A few links were broken, so I've done my best to fix them with archived or saved versions (such as the Staff Strategy page). As always, I'm open to suggestions and contributions!

I also finally got around to putting some content on the Power Duel page.

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