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We don't do much with "mods" here, as the site's focus is on "basejka" (the game as created by the developers with the latest patch). However, I feel these mods are of good quality, and tend not to mess with the core gameplay, only improving things and making the game run more smoothly, with the design philosophy the devs intended.

These mods were not created by us, and the information about who created them, etc, is included with the zips. These are fan made mods (with the exception of the JA Bonus maps, JK2 map packs, and Asteroids Mod), so LucasArts doesn't provide any support on them. All credit goes to the hard work of the individual authors, but most of all to Raven Software, without which we wouldn't have a game to mod!

Feel free to use these, or not use them, whatever you like! But I feel they are all worth a shot.

Highly Recommended:




OJP Basic v0.1.2

JKII_duel pack

See below for more detailed descriptions...

OJP (Open Jedi Project) Basic v0.1.2


OJP Basic v0.1.2

Feb 6, 2005

This mod is essentially an unofficial patch, for Jedi Academy. It primarily deals with multiplayer, putting lesser known, but useful console commands into the menus for quicker access. It also enables the "hidden hilts" in the saber menu selection screen and some new blade color selections (including RGB sabers). Additionally you have access to previously removed gametypes from Jedi Outcast (CTY, Holocron FFA, Jedi Master). All taunts (gloat, bow, meditate, flourish) can be done in all game modes. Explosive weapons can "gib" enemies you kill in most cases. Selective voting options (and team voting) allow admins to restrict the server while still giving players options. You can set an option to holster your weapons (shows your favorite gun by your side or slung across your back) and you can use "True View" for awesome First Person lightsaber and melee action if you choose. An Auto Team Balancer allows you to balance teams based on players, score or the human/bot ratio. Many bugs and exploits have also been fixed from the original game, making it much more stable and desirable not only for playing but also for hosting online! It does not include any "abusive" commands as found in many other mods (such as "slap", "slay" or other such silliness). The biggest improvement in this mod (and its in a constant state of development) is the TAB ai (Tactical Attack Bots). They are very much improved over the basejka bots, and can even play Siege! A CoOp mode is also in development.

JA Bonus Map Pack (by Raven Software)


The official map pack for Jedi Academy designed by the Raven Software team! Includes four new FFA Maps (Gas Mine: a pushy map, Conquest of Byss: a gunners' paradise, Ord Mantell Canyon: major eye candy and sniping opportunities, and Fortress: a saber friendly area), 1 new CTF Map (Rift of Shadows: huge with a few concussion rifles) and 1 new Duel Map (Coruscant: a two tiered saber arena).

Every JA player should get this pack!

Asteroids Mod (by Raven Software)



Space combat expansion of JA. Includes a Team FFA (ONLY, no regular FFA) dogfighting in an Asteroid Field, plus an expanded version of Siege Destroyer (previously released by Raven Software... was intended to be in the released game, but time constraints prevented its inclusion) with A-Wings, Y-Wings, TIE Advanced, TIE Interceptor and Lamda Class Shuttle flyable (plus Millennium Falcon and TIE Bomber2 flyable with cheats!). The vehicles are tweaked for better handling and better balance. A truly excellent but sadly underplayed mod by the online community. We hope to help change that, as the server will be running a version of this when we can.

When using this mod with OJP Basic Mod , please overwrite this mod's dedicated server file with OJP's (since OJP can potentially support Asteroids Mod, though bugs may occur, so please report them to us!).

Note: Though this mod was released "unofficially" with the help of some fans and third party mod makers, the real reason this wonderful mod has seen the light of day is thanks to Raven Software, and for that we are eternally grateful!

JA Bloody Dismemberment


Back when 2002's Jedi Outcast was shown at E3, our reporters brought back the first fan footage of the gameplay. Some were surprised to note that there were blood effects from saber hits. Raven Software was of course forced to remove this, to maintain the LucasArts policy of "T" Rated games. Since the game's release, many "blood mods" have been released for both JK2 and JKA with varying degrees of gore. I find the effects in this one are subtle like the E3 blood, giving hits that extra "punch" without being over the top.

Normally showers of orange sparks appear from flesh hits, while this mod gives little bursts of fine red vapor, akin to what you see in Episode I when Darth Maul is cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Yes, lightsabers sometimes do cause bleeding, it's canon... accept it! =) Only the player with this installed can see it.

Jawa Fix


How many times have you been in a game, seen some Jawas jumping around and wondered "how did they do that?" More savvy among you know that you go into the console and type /model jawa and presto, you're a cloaked critter! But then the problems begin when you're in a Team game, like CTF and all of a sudden you're not blue or red, but you're just brown! How boring (and sometimes confusing!). Don't put up with that confusion any longer... get the Jawa Fix. Install this small file into your /base folder and the Jawas are their proper colors in team games, they have their profile icon in the select menu like everyone else, and their taunts play properly (as an added bonus). The guy who created this didn't have much work to do, but it's very useful. Every JA player should have this!

JK2 Models Voice Fix


If you've played Raven Software's Jedi Outcast, and then their sequel, Jedi Academy, you've more than likely been disappointed that many of the old JK2 characters suddenly lost their unique and cool taunts (like Lando saying "Wooo hooo!!!"). Instead they get generic "take that!" voices from Jaden. This mod brings back the classic taunts for many of those old characters. And in the cases when the characters have NEW taunts, he gives you the old ones as well as the new in a nice mixture for some variety! Like the Jawa Fix, this can be used regardless of what the other folks are using, to give you back that nostalgia and ambience. Another "essential" file for JA players!

Red Slushie Flags


The Red Slushie team/project contributed a lot of things over the years to the community, but one of the simpler and yet useful ones they did was the transparent flags mini-mod. All this does is make the CTF flags glow and appear transparent, so that in third person view when you're running around with the flag on your back, you can actually see more of what's in front of you! Very useful and a cool effect, for such a tiny mod!

Fixed Console Background


If you're a server admin, you know how annoying it can be trying to read those black text names over the dark starfield background of the JA console window. Likewise if you've ever used /serverstatus as a player and wanted to see somebody's name, but it's all black, you know it's very hard to read. This simple fix replaces the console background with a nice animated "northern lights" type animation, taken elsewhere from the game, to make that black text a little easier to see, plus it looks cool. A must for any admin!

Jedi Outcast Converted Map packs


Owners of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast have long wished to play the classic multiplayer maps in the enhanced JKA engine, and now they can in three easy packages! These map packs are rather large, but are only done for the sake of convenience, since you can pack them together from your JK2 cd yourself.

Combine with the classic voices fix above for a truly nostalgic experience! There are a few glitches, such as the door opening sounds are missing and the elevators are sometimes slower than they should be, but otherwise a must see. Also combine with OJP to experience the classic game modes (CTY, Holocron, Jedi Master) in their original environments.

Of course, all credit goes to Raven software for the original designs, which were modified to work with with Jedi Academy and take advantage of the upgraded engine.

Misc (including BETA mods):

Some of these mods are experimental or works-in progress. They're cool, but use at your own risk (check author's website/forums for updated versions).


Snowball Mod


Throw snowballs instead of thermal detonators! Just a fun mod we encourage people to run during the wintery months. ;) Not beta!

OJP (Open Jedi Project) Enhanced v0.0.9r


OJP Enhanced v0.0.9r

Dec 9, 2006

This version of OJP (unlike Basic) drastically changes gameplay.

It's a repository of a bunch of new features that are experimental in nature, like a brand new saber combat system with "dodging" ability, an RPG style system for building up weapons and gadget abilities and many features too numerous to list. There's expanded grappling moves, ledge grabbing, new animations, sped up bullets, and plenty of other things. Because the gameplay changes, this mod REQUIRES all clients joining an OJP Enhanced server to have the client version of the mod installed on their end. Otherwise they will not be able to play.

Endor Siege


Endor Siege

Dec 13, 2005

This new Siege scenario features battle on the forest moon of Endor between the Rebels and the Imperials! You can view the discussion thread here. We've been told that OJP Basic doesn't yet work with this mod properly. It appears no further work is being done on this mod, unfortunately.


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