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Holocron FFA (aka "Holocron Deathmatch")

Here you will find our strategies on playing this variation on FFA, accessible via the OJP mod.

Note: It is first advisable to learn the various Force Powers and Weapons, as well as familiarize yourself with the Items and basic game mechanics before attempting to play this competative mode!

This section provides basic tips for learning to play with Holocrons. It is an under-appreciated, but rather fun change of pace from the everyday saber duels and deathmatch servers.

You should come here with a basic understanding of FFA (deathmatch) gameplay, as well as knowledge of all the Force Powers. It is highly recommended that you create a Force CFG file specifically for this mode. Here is a sample CFG file for you to modify to your needs.

Holocron FFA

This mode is identical to normal Deathmatch (FFA) except that throughout the levels there are Holocron cubes. Force Enlightenment Holocrons are removed in this mode.

Unlike in a normal FFA game, every player starts with just Level 1 Force Jump, Level 1 Saber Attack and no other powers. His Force configuration screen is also disabled, since Force Powers are acquired through Holocrons, not Force Point Allocation. The Single Lightsaber is limited to use of Blue (Fast) Stance, unless the Saber Attack Holocron is picked up.

Each power is represented in the level by the Holocron bearing its icon (see table below). You'll note that Neutral Holocrons, Saber Power Holocrons, Dark and Light Side Holocrons all glow with a different color (blue, green, red and white respectively).

Picking one up gives you Level 3 of the power. So for example grabbing the “Force Saber Offense” icon would give you fast, medium, and strong stances with the Single Lightsaber.

The server can specify the max Holocrons one can carry from 1-3 or "unlimited" (3 is default).

If you have three already, grabbing another one, forces you to “drop” the first one you grabbed. You can pick it back up again after about 1-2 seconds, but then you drop the next one in line and so forth. Keep only the ones you plan to use, once you’re filled up.

Holocron FFA in action

Here is a rundown of the Holocrons you'll encounter and what they provide when picked up

(plus reminders on what you get with Level 3)

Level 3 Saber Defense

(successfully block incoming projectiles & reflect them back)

Level 3 Saber Offense

(all three Saber styles)

Level 3 Saber Throw

Level 3 Force Seeing

(See through walls & dodge charged Disruptor shots)

Level 3 Force Speed

Level 3 Force Jump

(also allows Lightsaber Special Abilities like the Wall Walk)

Level 3 Force Pull

(grab enemy weapons away)

Level 3 Force Push

(counter Grip and Pull)

Level 3 Force Heal

Level 3 Force Absorb

(Full Force Damage Absorbed)

Level 3 Mind Trick

(hides you from most players on the map not using Seeing)

Level 3 Force Protect

(Helps you survive falls and explosions)

Level 3 Force Lightning

(continuous wide arc attack)

Level 3 Force Grip

(Levitate victims and move with their bodies)

Level 3 Force Drain

(Focused attack which heals you by draining the Mana of others)

Level 3 Force Dark Rage

Force Tips

Use of Force Absorb or Force Protect forces Force Dark Rage into “recovery” mode. However other powers can be combined with no additional disadvantages.

Dropping the Holocron of an active power cancels that power immediately (Dark Rage is forced into recovery for example). However the Saber Offense Holocron is somewhat different. If you use it to switch to Strong or Medium stance with the Single Saber and drop the Holocron, you can continue using this stance indefinately (once you attempt to switch, it will default back to Fast until you pick up the Holocron again). Bear in mind that the Dual Sabers and Saberstaff are already more or less "full strength," not requiring a Saber Offense Holocron to boost them like the Single Saber (however picking one up can deny it to Single Saberists just the same).

Force Seeing becomes an incredible asset. If you have this, be sure other players will have difficulty finding you, but you will always have an eye on them. Also, you are protected from most Disruptor snipers while this is in use. Plus you can ferret out that guy with the Mind Trick Holocron.

Force Protect and Force Dark Rage become super powerful, since counters to them will not always be readily available. Rage will let you chase down anybody except the guy with Speed, and Protect will provide you with a major advantage in toughness against all except the Rage guy (and watch out for the Push/Pull guys).

Force Mind Trick is probably one of the most useful Holocrons. One touch on the button and you’re invisible to most players on the map (except the guy with Seeing). Get Seeing as well to gain an incredible tactical advantage with sniping and overall.

Lightsabers in Holocron FFA

The Lightsaber becomes a much less valuable weapon in this game mode, due to the lack of the Lightsaber enhancements (to do the Wall Walk or Wall Jump you’ll need the Force Jump Holocron and to do the powerful Strong stance moves you’ll need Saber offense.. to block with any level of effectiveness you’ll need Saber Defense, etc.). The Bryar pistol becomes far more worthwhile than it ever was before, since you can sneak in more charged secondary shots on Saberists (who foolishly continue to wield their blades despite their lack of enhancing powers).

If you’re a die-hard Saberist, grabbing all three saber related ones (or Offense, Defense and Jump…) might be worth while, but I think now might be a good time to learn guns, if you haven’t already. Your survival chances will greatly increase as a result!

Due to the decreased power of Sabers, shields become even more valuable commodities. Deny the Large Shield Boosts ("super shields") from enemies.

Miscellaneous Tips

Most of the time it is true that each power only appears once in each level (1 Holocron for each power) so you can "deny" it to others by picking it up. However, some maps seem to have more than one of the Saber Enhancement powers (like Lightsaber Throw). Bear this in mind when playing.

The default setting is a Max of three Holocrons each and 100% of all games I’ve seen have this enabled. The more Holocrons you have, the more your character tends to “glow” and makes you a bigger target.

Make a customized force CFG file especially for Holocron deathmatch. While it’s true you will only have three powers at a time, you should be prepared to use any Dark/Light combination. Here is a sample file for you to edit (also great for “Jedi Master” games).

If you don’t have three cubes yet, grabbing an extra one will still deny it to your enemies. I would recommend making sure nobody gets Mind Trick, Dark Rage, or Protect, as those are going to be the ones that ultimately decide the game in most cases. On maps with bottomless pits/lava and other dangerous drop offs, Grip and Push will become very useful for scoring quick kills (and you won't be able to defend against them easily, without Pull/Absorb).

More than ever before, utilize your “no force” skills gun skills as well as memorizing the positions of every Holocron on the map (though this will quickly change as the Holocrons are swapped around). Always keep an eye out for a better power. Target players who have “full loads”… they’re riskier targets, but the rewards for killing them will be much greater! If you get fragged, try to head back to the location where you died to reclaim your powers.

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