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Welcome, young Jedi!

Here you will find a library of multiplayer strategies for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (aka: "JA" or "JKA"), the sequel to the award-winning Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Like its predecessors, JKA is a FPS (first person shooter) game, but it goes beyond many of the hum-drum conventions of the genre, by featuring third person perspective play (primarily with the lightsaber) as well as the use of ability enhancing Force Powers.

The use of Force Powers and the Lightsaber are crucial gaming elements that seperate JKA (like JK2) from the pack, and as well as greatly increase the learning curve and time it takes to master the game. On this page we have tried to bring together some of the best material we could find, both from our own experiences and from the experiences others have written and/or sent in to us in order to help out the multiplayer community.

This site represents the work of a group of fans and dedicated players of JKA, and is not meant in any way to infringe on anyone else's work. We freely encourage others to visit the other strategy sites around the web. We will gladly share our information, so long as we are given credit whenever we are quoted, and we will do our best to extend the same courtesy.

As you can see, we've arrange our site so that you can browse the sections you wish to view from the side-bar(s). May your stay be a pleasant one!

We are proudly hosted by JediKnight.net.

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