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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Tier 2 Weapons: You always begin these missions with the BlasTech Pistol and your Lightsaber, as well as a choice of two (2) of the following weapons: Stormtrooper Rifle, Bowcastor, Disruptor, DEMP2, Flechette(new), or Heavy Repeater(new). Additionally you may choose one (1) of the following throwable explosives: Thermal Detonators, Trip Mines, or Det Packs.

At the end of each Mission you'll lose all your acquired weapons (you're resupplied by the loadouts in the next).

Tier 2 Force Updates: On Tier 2 your Neutral Force Powers are all at Level 2. At the start of each new mission you are given one "Force Star" that can be applied to any of the Dark Side or Light Side Powers. As long as you have at least one "Force Star" assigned, you can use that Power. You can freely mix and match Powers from either side of the Force.

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Level 12 : Kril'Dor

"Covert Operation"

by Sam Fisher (some secrets by txa1265)

New Weapons: None
New Enemies: Imperial Officer, Imperial Saboteur, Jetpack Trooper
Force Updates: One Star
Secret Areas: 2

Shot 12-1
You begin outside a hanger door, go in, kill the baddies. Then use the lift in the NE side of the room to go up.
Shot 12-2
Go out the orange door, and you'll come to a big platform with a gun on it; jump over the top of the door you came through.
Shot 12-3
Then go over to the round structure and place a beacon on it by using the red marker that's there.
Shot 12-4
Go back to the big hanger structure to place another beacon.
Shot 12-5
Then go over to the garrison,(shown in cutscene) place the beacon, and then go back inside the hanger and down to the other orange door.
Shot 12-6
Go out on the walkway, and waste the troopers.

Shot 12-7
From there, go to the communications array, also shown in a cutscene.


Shot 12-7a (Secret Area)
"There are two secrets on this level. Both are related to the big building near the center where there are two elevators, up elevator on one side and down on the other.

You are on a catwalk below the catwalk that has a pipe under it. The elevator you can't switch from there is to your right. In front of you is what looks like a bulkhead which you can make a double jump to get to the top of, and collect some booty - check it with Sense if there is any question."


Shot 12-7b (Secret Area)
"Go inside that building, and take the elevators all the way to the top. There are two window switches - one works and the other is fried. The working one opens the windows and you can walk the ledge around to where there is just the thin round pipe below you that leads to the building with the Comm equipment on top. Do a controlled fall down to the pipe (one level at a time) and cross it to collect some more goodies. When you cross back, you should continue dropping down ... it's safer."

Shot 12-8
To get there, go into the main building in the center, use the lifts to go up.
Shot 12-9
At the top, activate this console to open the blast windows.
Shot 12-10
Go to the right, and hop down to the catwalk to get to the array.
Shot 12-11
Place the beacon on the red marker.
Shot 12-12
Then use the lift that's right beside you after the cutscene. Then go back into the main building, an use the lifts to go down this time.
Shot 12-13
Use the lift on the catwalk.
Shot 12-14
Circle around and plant the last beacon.
Shot 12-15
Use the lifts to go back up, and then go to the command center, pictured here.
Shot 12-16
To get inside inside, and use this lift that's in the wall to go up. Ignore all the baddies, and plant the last beacon.
Shot 12-17
After that, go out the door in front of you, and you'll see the Imps in the distance, go to them, kill them, and shut off the first bomb.
Shot 12-18
Continue going around counter-clockwise to eleminate all the other bombs.

Shot 12-19
After you're finished, go back to the hanger and to your ship for end level.

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