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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Tier 3 Weapons: You always begin these missions with the BlasTech Pistol and your Lightsaber, as well as a choice of two (2) of the following weapons: Stormtrooper Rifle, Bowcastor, Disruptor, DEMP2, Flechette, Heavy Repeater, Merr-Sonn(new), or Concussion Rifle(new). Additionally you may choose one (1) of the following throwable explosives: Thermal Detonators, Trip Mines, or Det Packs.

At the end of each Mission you'll lose all your acquired weapons (you're resupplied by the loadouts in the next).

Tier 3 Force Updates: On Tier 3 your Neutral Force Powers are all at Level 3. At the start of each new mission you are given one "Force Star" that can be applied to any of the Dark Side or Light Side Powers. As long as you have at least one "Force Star" assigned, you can use that Power. You can freely mix and match Powers from either side of the Force.

Special Note: This mission will differ slightly from the Demo Version since you begin with different starting gear/abilities.

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Level 18 : Chandrilla

"Cultist Sighting"

by Sam Fisher (some secrets by txa1265)

New Weapons: None
New Enemies: None
Force Updates: One Star
Secret Areas: 4

Shot 18-1
You start behind a boulder, use Push on it to get out, then fight the Dark Jedi.

Shot 18-1a (Secret Area)
"After you go through the first checkpoint and come into the open again, the main path takes you left - but the quest for stuff takes you right ... look over the ledge (first screen). Jump down and collect the secret."

Shot 18-1b (Secret Area)
"From the above secret, hop down to the bridge and then look back up to where you started with Sense. You'll see a secret alcove under the broken bridge where you came from."

Shot 18-2
Look to your right, and down, there will be two mercs talking. Waste them, and go along the walkway.

Shot 18-2a (Secret Area)
"Jump on to the platform where the guy with the concussion rifle was firing at you. Follow it back to the blocked stairway for the first secret area."
Shot 18-3
There will be two Cultists attempting to jump across to you, Push them as the jump and they'll fall.
Shot 18-4
Hop over to where they were, and circle around this way.
Shot 18-5
Kill the Dark Jedi, and go through this doorway.
Shot 18-6
The bridge explodes, jump over it and go straight.

Shot 18-7
There will be several Cultists here, kill them.

Shot 18-8
Look at the door on the E side of the room, turn on Seeing, and Pull it.
Shot 18-9
Go through, kill the Dark Jedi.
Shot 18-10
Go on and there will be another Dark Jedi on this.
Shot 18-11 (Secret Area)
Kill him, then hop down here for a secret.
Shot 18-12
Then go down here, kill the Dark Jedi, and jump across.

Shot 18-12a (Secret Area)
"You're working your way up, and about to jump on a bridge and cross back over. You see a building-like structure on your side of the bridge to grab the rockets."
Shot 18-13
Kill the baddies on the other side, and go down the ramp.
Shot 18-14
Hop across here, and go left.
Shot 18-15
Go around on the walkway, and then hop down here, then keep hopping down until you get to the lower level.
Shot 18-16
Go around this way, and hop off to the right.
Shot 18-17
Jump the gap and go all the way to the end.
Shot 18-18
Jump on here to get up.
Shot 18-19
Jump up to get to the next level.
Shot 18-20
Continue on and kill the two Dark Jedi guarding the stairs.
Shot 18-21
Go up, kill the last Dark Jedi.
Shot 18-22
Go up to the tomb, turn on Seeing look left, you'll see a stone that's under a sign on the wall, push it and do the same for the opposite wall.
Shot 18-23
Keep running until you get to the bridge, then ending cutscene.

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