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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Tier 3 Weapons: You always begin these missions with the BlasTech Pistol and your Lightsaber, as well as a choice of two (2) of the following weapons: Stormtrooper Rifle, Bowcastor, Disruptor, DEMP2, Flechette, Heavy Repeater, Merr-Sonn(new), or Concussion Rifle(new). Additionally you may choose one (1) of the following throwable explosives: Thermal Detonators, Trip Mines, or Det Packs.

At the end of each Mission you'll lose all your acquired weapons (you're resupplied by the loadouts in the next).

Tier 3 Force Updates: On Tier 3 your Neutral Force Powers are all at Level 3. At the start of each new mission you are given one "Force Star" that can be applied to any of the Dark Side or Light Side Powers. As long as you have at least one "Force Star" assigned, you can use that Power. You can freely mix and match Powers from either side of the Force.

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Level 21 : Byss

"Force Theft Investigation"

by Sam Fisher

New Weapons: Turbolaser (Emplaced)
New Enemies: Rocket Trooper
Force Updates: One Star
Secret Areas: 1

Shot 21-1
You start in a hanger with Kyle working on the door.
Shot 21-2
Go in this door.
Shot 21-3
Circle around kill everyone and then go through the door at the end.
Shot 21-4
Get the security key from the officer, then use the door.
Shot 21-5
Get off the lift, go around until you find this door.
Shot 21-6
Go through, use this console to disable the tractor beam.

Shot 21-7
Go back through the door you came through, and go back to the lift, go through the door thats across from it.

Shot 21-8
Circle around to this door, go through.
Shot 21-9
Continue past this open door.
Shot 21-10
Use this lift go up, then take any station, and blast all the TIE's.
Shot 21-11
Go back to the lift. Go around until you find the now open door with a stormie in it, go out and clear the hanger for end level.

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