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Old News Archive: 12/10/06 - 01/24/05 

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< Old News Archive: 11/30/04 - 03/09/04 >

<Old News Archive: 12/16/03 - 09/18/03>

>>December 10, 2006: New OJP Enhanced
RazorAce has released a new edition of OJPE, with tons of new changes. The mod is nearing completion and needs lots of beta testing. The server will be running it nearly non-stop as the process continues. I'll be heading out on vacation soon. Happy Holidays everyone! (Check out the Snowball Mod too, on the Downloads page along with the new OJPE).

>>July 1, 2006: New Server IP:
EscapedTurkey the server host for the ever-popular Meatgrinder server has given us a new IP address, so please update your favorites and join us for some OJP enhanced action, or OJP Basic (no downloads required, of course) anytime!

>>June 15, 2006: New OJP Enhanced
A slightly updated version of the Enhanced version of OJP (run on the server most fridays) is up on the downloads page.

>>June 4, 2006: Meatgrinder is Up
Thankfully the downtime was only temporary, due to a server move. So it's back at the same IP. Enjoy!

>>June 3, 2006: Server Downtime
It's been a busy summer so far, but sadly we've been having some troubles with the server. It has been going down a lot and now it's apparently completely down now. I don't know what the situation is yet with our server host, and I'll post about that as soon as I hear differently, but in the meantime it seems there will be no Meatgrinder for awhile. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, please feel free to use OJP Mod and set up your own rule-free servers!

>>February 27, 2006: Server's Back
Okay the server is back (that was fast) at a new IP Welcome back (and thanks EscapedTurkey)!

>>February 24, 2006: Server IP Change
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Meatgrinder server is temporarily down, so it's been moved to a new IP ( until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Also archived more of the old news and fixed the date (Happy New Year!). Finally added Asteroids Mod to the downloads page!

>>February 20, 2006: Bonus Map Pack!
Finally added a mirror of this awesome pack to the Downloads page! In use on our server too...

>>February 6, 2006: OJP Update
New version of OJP Mod on Downloads page!

>>January 8, 2006: Back
My vacation officially ends and classes begin on the 11th. After that I'll probably be too busy to update very often, but for now, here's an update to the Downloads page, with a new version of OJP Mod to try out on our Meatgrinder server!

>>December 17, 2005: Vacation
Finally, school's out, and my vacation begins. I'll be heading out until the 7th of January, so everybody have fun and stay safe! In honor of Christmas and the holiday weather, I encourage people to try out the Snow Ball mod. It just turns the Thermal Detonator into a snowball. So have your virtual snowball fights on our server! ;)

>>December 13, 2005: File Updates!
Final Exams are almost over. I took a break and updated the Downloads page for the latest OJP Basic and Siege Endor beta. Enjoy! And if I don't get a chance to say it later, Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hannukah, and any other holidays you might celebrate. Be safe, have fun! =)

>>October 23, 2005: Updates!
Halloween is fast approaching, so here's some goodies to tide you over... the Downloads page is now loaded with some useful mods! More to be added when I have time or locate them... Also an update to the Force page, thanks to Fusion.

>>October 15, 2005: Where to get OJP!
The latest version of OJP Mod, is not required to join Meatgrinder server. However it is highly recommended, as you'll get the full client side options, like more saber hilts and blade colors, menu options, etc. Download it here! A preliminary Downloads page has begun.

>>October 14, 2005: MeatGrinder Returns!
After some down time, our JA dedicated server is finally back, at a NEW IP Thanks again to EscapeTurkey for the server!

>>October 5, 2005: Blast from the Past!
Wow, a major trip down memory lane! Yep, those were the days. Well worth a look, it'll bring tears to the eyes of many a JK1 vet! Thanks to shootingskier for reminding me of all the fun we had!

Several corrections to the Force page, all links should be working and values accurate now, thanks to Fusion, once again!

>>October 1, 2005: Misc Corrections
Thanks to more forum feedback I've corrected some mistakes (leftover JK2 bits) on the Holocron and Jedi Vs Merc pages. Good to have regular feedback these days!

>>September 29, 2005: Light Side Complete
Thanks to Fusion from the forums the Light Side page is finally "complete" with the missing values for Absorb, Mind Trick and Team Heal. Excellent!

Also thanks to acdcfanbill for a correction to Force Heal.

>>September 17, 2005: Stances
Due to work and school I've been too busy to update the site lately, but I did throw in some image placeholders (edited from the Jedi Outcast pages) for the Saber stances and reminded people of the multiplayer first person lightsaber feature of OJP mod.

>>August 3, 2005: Drain & Energize
Thanks to some helpful testers, the values for Drain and Team Energize have been updated. The Dark Side page is finally "complete." Thanks guys!

Summer is drawing to a close and we'll all have less time to work on the site, but I feel it's been a productive one. I've gotten to play a lot of games, and help test stuff for OJP and really enjoyed times on the Meatgrinder server (which won't go away just because I'm not around). Thanks page updated.

>>July 17, 2005: Updates
A few updates to the DarkSide section to correct some things. There remain a few things that need to be tested online that I've forgotten to fill in (like the values for higher level Drain and Team Energize which I would appreciate someone helping me test when I have time).

>>July 1, 2005: Server Update!
Okay, this server has actually been up for months, but I just now got around to updating. Thanks to RazorAce of the Open Jedi Project and EscapedTurkey rental service, we now have a permanent (for the forseeable future) high speed server for Siege, CTF and no holds-barred FFA action. Add to your favorites and join the fun! Celebrate the July 4th weekend with us and see the fireworks...

>>May 22, 2005: ROTS!
Saw the last Star Wars movie ever, ROTS last night and it was a lot of fun. Sadly I have a busy week ahead of me, so probably no updates. Thanks for all the visits though, if anyone wishes to send me feedback I'll be more than happy to read it when I get back!

>>May 1, 2005: New Link
Sorry about the long delay between updates, I've been really busy with work and haven't had time to work on stuff really. Here is an update to the Other Guides section with a new link (for the SaberStaff Strategies). I am also working on Boot Camp (a Republic Commando strategy page) which I'm also behind in updating. Thanks for your patience folks, I realize Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is coming up fast (18 days!) and then we'll be swamped. We're doing the best we can, so thanks for your continued support.

>>February 28, 2005: Updates
Some additions to the Items page (regarding ammo counts in Siege mode). Also some more updates to the Secret Areas of the SP guide (9 levels to go), making level 18 (Chandrilla) complete, finally.

>>February 18, 2005: Mucho Updates
Put up a page on the new Holocron FFA mode in JA (and updated the Items page to reflect this), accessible with OJP Mod. Also a few small updates to the CTF page. The server also got a new IP recently, so check that one out too (and the server tracker has been updated to reflect this). If it changes again I'll update as soon as I can, but sometimes it can take a day before it's posted on the page (try the forums first).

>>February 13, 2005: Siege Scoring
Added a new page on Siege Scoring.

>>February 11, 2005: Updates
I'm very pleased to add a new link to our Other Guides page, originating from the venerable "Chop Shop" servers. Also a small update to the Setup/Basic page.

>>January 24, 2005: Server Status
Happy New Year! For a limited time, my server is back up at a new IP. So feel free to join and have a few laughs with us! A few quick updates to the Items and Siege Items pages.

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<Old News Archive: 12/16/03 - 09/18/03>

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