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Old News Archive: 11/30/04 - 03/09/04

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< Old News Archive: 12/10/06 - 1/24/05 >

<Old News Archive: 12/16/03 - 09/18/03>

>>November 30, 2004: Siege Desert Update
A few quick updates to the Siege Desert page. I haven't had much time to work on the site lately, and needless to say I have some things planned, but they'll have to wait until I get more freetime. Sorry!

>>October 19, 2004: Secrets Update
A little bit behind schedule here, but several more single player levels completed with all secrets (levels 16-26 yet to go).

>>October 10, 2004: Lack of Updates
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Halloween is fast approaching and I have to make plans! Been working and testing out Star Wars Battlefront (don't worry, the game needs a lot more patching before it would seriously put a dent into my game time!). I do plan to finish up the SP Walkthrough, so hopefully by next weekend that should be taken care of.

>>September 14, 2004: More Walkthrough
The Walkthrough now covers all the missions in both the Demo and Full Versions of Jedi Academy. A few minor corrections are being made to various pages and secrets are still being added (so far complete up to level 8), but basically it's done, so have a look! Big thanks to Sam Fisher, for all his hard work getting this done!

Also added a new link to the Other Guides page, on how to master the Saberstaff!

>>September 12, 2004: Walkthrough Updates
The Walkthrough is now complete through Tier 3 (and the first Taspir mission), with secrets info still needing to be plugged in to most of the levels. Watch for more to come in the near future!

>>September 9, 2004: Walkthrough Part Deux
More Walkthrough updates. Tier 2 is now complete (with secrets and other info to be added later), taking you all to the way through level 22! Revised some info on the Demo as well (with more to come).

>>September 4, 2004: Walkthrough Updated
Thanks to Sam Fisher and txa1265, the JA SP Walkthrough is really coming along. So far Tier 1 is done (with a few secrets to be added later), with more to come. Great job guys!

>>September 3, 2004: Surprise!
Perhaps it's the spirit of giddiness in the air as Star Wars fans prepare for the release of the Classic Trilogy on DVD and the multiplayer game "Star Wars Battlefront." Whatever the case, we're in the process of updating the Walkthrough pages, with help from some people from the forums! Check out the updates and refresh often as things are being uploaded in a somewhat haphazard fashion.

The Siege server is still on hiatus, but I do have a plan. Might be awhile before it happens, but I do have one! I've also been removing the outdated JediServers ads, which should hopefully speed up page loading.

>>July 16, 2004: A bit on hiatus
The dearth of updates lately has been due to being busy with work and family events, so again I apologize.

However, I still plan to bring back the JA server in one form or another someday. If anyone has any good deals or ideas for this, please feel free to let me know! I am also kind of waiting for OJP to release a new "basic" update, since the TAB bots would really improve Siege.

>>June 14, 2004: Siege Server Going Down!
Due to closing its doors (due to lack of money) my server Meatgrinder Redux will be going down June 16th. So get those games in while you can! If anyone can suggest a replacement host, please contact me immediately...

They were a great host, so I'll really miss them. Thank you.

>>June 10, 2004: Back Later...
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I've been busy with various things. I'll be heading out of town the week of the 17th (back the 20th or 21st) so any major updates will have to wait until then.

>>May 13, 2004: Force Profiles!
I've finally put up a section on the pre-set "Force Profiles" in Jedi Academy. I should do the same for Jedi Outcast (once I make sure they are not simply identical in both games) when I get time.

Siege Destroyer (1.0) has been added to the Meatgrinder Redux server.

Also fixed a few mistakes on the Siege Items page.

>>May 8, 2004: More Updates...
I put up a preliminary Vehicles page, with a lot more work to be done on it. Also I'm planning to add Asteroids Mod to my JA Server, so we can have Siege Destroyer 2.0 alongside the other Siege maps!

>>May 5, 2004: Updates Galore!
Finally! I've updated the following pages with new info and corrections: Force, Darkside, Lightside, Korriban overview, Hoth overview. Also take a look at the new CFG files I've whipped up, including team voice command binds I'm using for Siege:

Darkside cfg , Lightside cfg , Mixed cfg (Dark Jedi Scout on Korriban).

Updated the general Siege page with new articles on Voice Chat and Bots in Siege, with some better organization.

It is also now possible to view extended information about my JA Server as well as launch the game directly from the page!

More updates are planned (hopefully) in the near future.

>>May 4, 2004: I'm Back!
Sorry for the lack of updates on the pages lately, but I've been stuck with a broken computer for the last month (now have a good working one as of this week). In the meantime my dedicated server has been running full steam, and popular as ever, but I really need the banner clicks to stay going, so do everyone a favor and click on the banners on this site each day!

More updates will be coming soon, as I find the files I was working on before both my old hard drives failed. ; p

>>March 25, 2004: More Hoth Tips!
Updated the Hoth Tips page with the rest of the Objectives for both sides, however it still needs some refinement and more screenshots, so that will come later on when I get more time, then it will be on to the other Siege scenarios and the vehicles page.

>>March 24, 2004: Updates
So far the sponsored "Meatgrinder" JA server is a success! Thanks to everyone who offered feedback and played. It should be up for awhile, if you keep clicking on our sponsored banners from and keep it alive!

Today I did a long-forgotten update to the Setup/Basic page, so that it correctly reflects the info in Jedi Academy. Thanks to Alegis Gensan for reminding me of that!

>>March 23, 2004:!
Found a great hosting service for Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy, So if you're looking to finally live your dream of running a full time dedicated server with a lot of players, check them out! Players on my "Meatgrinder" server should notice some improvements from the better service in short order. ; )

Click the banner at the top for more information. They also have some helpful utilities like Force Power & Weapons calculators (selectively disable/enable weapons & powers on your server).

>>March 22, 2004: Hoth Tips
Inspired by the DEATH clan page, I've started a preliminary Hoth Tips page, covering the first three objectives for Imperials and Rebels.

>>March 18, 2004: Archived News
The news was getting too long, so I archived all the updates from 2003, see the "old news" link at the bottom of this page! Made a few corrections here and there. Hopefully more updates soon!

>>March 17, 2004: Happy St. Patrick's Day!
To get you in a festive mood I've updated the following pages, making corrections & updates (plus some pretty screenshots):

Weapons, items, Siege items,Siege


>>March 16, 2004: Siege Destroyer
Added a preliminary page with some info on the recently released Siege Destroyer(available with the recently released Asteriods Mod which is excellent btw!).

>>March 9, 2004: I'm back!
It's been awhile, but I've returned to working on the site after several months. Basically I've gotten in some serious game time and a bit of tinkering with editing (nothing major, mostly testing and messing around, but learning). Several little quirks and mistakes still exist on the various pages so I'm going to set about fixing those and providing more explanations and revise stuff as I see fit and get extra time. There's a lot more I want to do on this site and there's a lot of work to be done, so keep checking back! Of course as most of you know, I'm playing JA currently, not JK2, so most of the additions (rather than just corrections) will be to that portion of the site.

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<Old News Archive: 12/16/03 - 09/18/03>


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