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Here you will find links to other strategy guides and articles on JKA multiplayer, that are not part of our Strategic Academy page. These represent the work of those who have given permission for us to link to them and share their knowledge with us!

If you find a useful link, be sure to send it our way. While it is not our intention to link to 'hack sites' or other such nonsense, we cannot verify the integrity of all the information on these outside pages (that is up to the webmasters of the individual sites), and have no control over their content.

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1.Siege For Dummies

Alegis Gensan (DEATH Clan)
 sith, Sam Fisher, txa1265, Kurgan
 Single Player
various authors
(NOT a direct link)
 Raven Soft.
Single Player
RpTheHotrod / #include

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Amidala from ChopShop

Numerous pages covering Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy topics, including demos & FAQs, with CTF emphasis

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  >>Siege Guide - by Kurgan
  >>Force Profiles - by Kurgan
  >>SP Walkthrough - by Various Authors
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