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Power Duel

Here you will find our strategies on playing this two-on-one dueling mode!

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Note: It is first advisable to learn the various Force Powers and Weapons, as well as familiarize yourself with the Items and basic game mechanics before attempting to play this competative mode!

This mode assumes you have already mastered the intricacies of the Lightsaber and Force.

This "two on one" variant of the "Duel" mode was inspired by the fight between Qui Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi against Darth Maul in Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Unlike the movie, however, players here are not limited to certain sides of the Force, saber styles, or strategies. It is generally played with "Sabers Only" as the maps typically do not include any pickups.

Sadly, this is one of the least appreciated official game modes in JKA online, and as a result, strategy guide coverage of it is generally lacking.

Matches vs. Kills

The server configures how the play goes, but typically there is one "kill" per match, and the a certain number of matches one must win to end the round (ex: 10 matches). Thus fights can go on longer than your typical game.

A team must be eliminated for the other side to "score" and win that "kill."

In this mode, like Duel, players will float in Spectator Mode until they choose a "team".

Two players must join one team ("Paired Duelists", represented by a blue dual saber hilt icon)...

Paired Duelists icon

While a single player joins the second ("Single Duelist" represented by a single saber hilt icon)...

Single Duelist icon

Thus a match cannot begin until there are at least three players. If a player disconnects (or goes spectator), the next round will return to the waiting list. When adding bots, bots sent to the "red" team will become single duelists, while bots sent to the "blue" team will become paired duelists.

Unlike typical team games, color-coded "team skins" are not enforced in this mode, but rather "team beacon" style icons will serve to identify who is on your team, much like a Siege game (if the option is enabled, which I recommend, especially if the players are new to the mode and/or team damage is on).

Powerduel scoretable showing 'teams'

The "single" duelist is stronger than the paired duelists. He (or she) not only possesses increased health (starting with 150, instead of 100), but also increased force power regeneration. If the server chooses to have faster force mana regeneration, this will also increase the single duelist's power even more (but mess up the game balance dynamic). Thus it is recommended that the mana regen settings be left alone, especially for this mode. In the interest of "fairness" players may also wish to agree upon whom will be on the single team (perhaps the more experienced or skilled player in the group).

Gameplay functions just like "Duel" except the "Paired Duelists" are treated as a single player. So if you or your team wins, you continue at the top, with the loser(s) going to the bottom of the list, while the next moves up to challenge the victor. As long as there are other "teams" to challenge, play will continue to rotate.

General Strategies

Single Duelist

For the single duelist to win a round, both of the paired duelists must die (either by being killed or self-killing). This means whatever tactics the single duelist can use within the game to make sure his opponents die can be utilitized in this mode. The mode thus becomes much more interesting if "team damage" is enabled.

Running and hiding is also an option (though a cowardly one), but most Power Duel maps are so small that running is rarely an option.

It is recommended that the single duelist use "quick and dirty" tactics to kill the opponents and not waste time on flashy moves (that might otherwise work in a normal duel but leave him or her open to attack).

If the single duelist wins a round, their health maximum will be less for the next round (ex: 135, 130, 125, 120, 115, and so forth, until it is merely 100 like the paired duelists).* (exact details forthcoming)

Remember the rest of the strategies for Dueling, but also bear in mind the "cheapness" factor. The single duelist is outmatched and so he or she will not think twice about using dirty tricks to win. That includes pushing opponents into pits, or trying to seperate them to make a fight easier, or getting them into each other's way.

With his quick mana regeneration, the single duelist can spam certain powers, like Lightning, for devestating effect. Use this to your advantage whenever possible.

Paired Duelists

For the paired duelists to win a round, the single duelist must die, simple as that.

If team damage is turned off, it may be tempting for the paired duelists to simply rush in spamming "kata" moves or trying to have one player Grip the single duelist while the other slashes with a combo. The single duelist must keep these sorts of tactics in mind when going into battle.

Since the single duelist's mana will recharge faster, keep this in mind when picking your force powers, and be ready to spam and combine powers when necessary. This can make things very frustrating for the enemy, especially if you use powers like Drain. Once the first attacker dies, the second is at a disadvantage and will be easier prey (just don't get overconfident!).

Since the single duelist has fast mana regeneration, watch out if he has Lighting, as this can kill both of you, if he has level 3 and uses his entire mana pool. I recommend high level absorb, if the server allows.


This section is in need of further information, and will be updated as this data is acquired and verified...


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