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Kurgan's Meatgrinder (Server Status)


Please add the above IP to your 'Favorites' in-game. 

OJP Basic v0.1.2 Mod running (optional, but highly recommended!)

Please visit the Downloads Page for recommended mods!

The server uses Open Jedi Project Basic an unobtrusive server side mod that enhances basejka like an unofficial patch, fixing many exploits and bugs as well as adding new features that don't destroy the core gameplay like 1st person sabers and tactical attack bots). It's usually Siege and CTF, with a little FFA (including Jedi Master and Holocron) thrown in, but always no holds-barred Full Force fighting with all weapons.

Killtracker usage discouraged. Servers are virtually rule-free otherwise!

Slash, run, gun, FIGHT, never surrender!

Grab the JA Bonus Mappack , Asteroids Mod (and any other needed mods) from LucasFiles.com or JK3Files.com!


Click here for status (Lucasforums link, updated whenever)

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