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Using Bots in Siege Mode

Contrary to popular belief, "bots" (simulated AI opponents) are possible in the multiplayer game mode "Siege."

A few notes on bots in Siege mode:

  • The included Siege maps (Hoth, Desert, Korriban and the unofficially re-added Destroyer) do not include bot routes. This means that bots will "jump around" continuously, randomly attacking any enemies they see.
  • Adding to the above point, bot routes CAN be added (using \bot_wp_edit 1 in developer mode with cheats enabled). Routing the Siege maps may seem daunting at first, especially considering the limitations of the bots as they currently stand (which are designed for circular routing in FFA and CTF style maps primarily). Note that at this time Destroyer doesn't appear to be routable since bots will "eject" from vehicles almost immediately, preventing them from taking off in the Rebel Hanger and causing them to suicide almost instantly on the Imperial side.
  • Bots cannot be added in the menu or after the match starts, leading people to believe that bots in Siege were not possible. However bots can be added, so long as this is done BEFORE the match begins.
  • In the console use the following command: addbot <name> <skill 1-5> <team color> and so long as this is done during the "waiting for players" screen the bots should spawn correctly on the proper teams. Note that bot_minplayers doesn't function properly, so no new bots will be added nor will bots be kicked as players join. Thus you should fix the number of bots you want to use in a map rotation at the start. Making a cfg file that you can exect to spawn the bots on their proper teams is a good idea.
  • Bots in Siege mode are currently limited to the "Assault" class on the map in question. Thus when routing keep in mind the limitations of the abilities of each Assault class on the map in question.
  • Bots will not complete objectives. Currently they cannot be made to "use" objects in the map with any regularity required to complete an objective. Nor can they be made to "attack" a specific object with any regularity. Thus they are only good for completing specific objectives such as the droid parts or the crystals.
  • What bots in Siege ARE good for is in a support role. They will (if all goes well) setup defensive perimeters to attack incoming troops. Additionally attacking troops will go together and engage the enemy, providing cover fire and distractions for the human players to accomplish their objectives. Thus human players should always take the leadership role in these games. Also bots help to keep the server "warm" for human players and keep the action going. If they get "stuck" someplace, normally if they are killed they'll respawn ahead (when you've advanced) or with a push or shove can be sent to the place they were intending to go.
  • At this time it is not possible to issue orders to bots (as you could in Quake3). This and other issues are planned to be worked on by various modders in the community, and with the help of information from Raven developers. Hopefully in the future bots in Siege mode can be made to be just as useful as bots in other game modes and future projects can be designed with bots in mind so that this feature can be more widely available. Update: OJP Mod now features bots who can complete objectives and follow waypoints in Siege!
  • While some disdain the use of bots, with proper routing and re-programmed bot files (using BotMaker and some manual tweaking of the files) you can get quite challenging and intelligent seeming bots in your maps. They keep players busy while they wait for others and can make small games much more fun by filling in the empty spaces. They can also help to smooth out situations where team balance is impossible (like say 2 vs 3, 3 vs 4, etc). They also can give "newbies" and players who lack good internet connections a chance to enjoy the game they otherwise wouldn't be able to and to hone their skills before they head to online competition.

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