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User Submissions:


Countering Kick (example #1)


The demo file (place in /base/demos/ folder and run from in game)


.Templar. says:

"...this one is on a regular map, on jk2 regular, with regular models, it's short-sweet, and to-the-point, I also explain what the kick counter is during the demo..."

Countering Kick (example #2)

.Templar. says:

"Attached is a demo I recorded in a pub server I play on alot, I mess up a few times but it's basically 3 kick fights, I do the counter alot, and at the end I have him try to kick me once and I counter it and then explain how to do it... this one is definately an upgrade, on JK1.4, FFA_Bespin"

The demo file (place in /base/demos/ folder and run from in game)


Countering Kick (example #3)


This demo requires the following Map installed (place pk3 file in /base directory)

Courtesy of the Jedi Academy.

The demo file (place in /base/demos/ folder and run from in game)


Note: In the demo, one of the players is using a skin (I believe it is Obi-Wan in a robe) and it will look odd if you do not have this skin installed. However, until I track down the link for it, the demo is still perfectly watchable (tested with 1.04).*

.Templar. says:

"I'm a major kick whore myself, red/kick hybrid, and I'll clarify exactly how it works, when you are in any stance but red, if you are swinging, you can be knocked back and knocked down by kicks in the middle of your swing, but if you are in red, being kicked while in the middle of your swing has no effect on you whatsoever, however if you aren't swinging, you will go down just as easily as anyone else...

...and here is the best technique to take out kick whores, run at them like you are going to kick, then when you are within a danger range of them, do a backflip, then press foward and double tap jump real fast, and you will hit him while he's in the middle of the air (yes its possible to do this on 56k, I'm on 56k myself)."

(originally posted on the Strategy Forums).

"...anyhow you can get both of the files from the JA website, go to servers, then download DJ's server pack, if you don't want it (190mb of skins), just get the map which should be on one of the servers pages, and then go to and get the episode 1 obi wan or anakin, not sure which one it is, its one of the nice one done by toonces or whoever..."