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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Level 1: Kejim Outpost

New Weapons: Stun Baton, Bryar Pistol, Stormtrooper Rifle, Thermal Detonators
New Enemies: Stormtroopers, Imperial, Officer, Commander, Probe Droid
Force Updates: None
Secret Areas: 2

Shot 1-1
You start out here. Jan will follow you and help you through the level. Head over for the door to your left.
Shot 1-2 (Secret Area)
Open the door and jump up to the bacta tank to get to the secret area. There are some other things hidden behind the trip mines, so shoot them from a safe distance. After that, go on past the shuttle and follow the path.
Shot 1-3
You should now be here. Take out the troopers. The door can't be blown by blasters, so you will have to find something that will work. Go forward to the edge and take a right. Enter the room and open the door.
Shot 1-4
Shoot this officer and collect his supply key. Take the lift up and take a right. Take the small lift up.
Shot 1-5
Flip this switch which activates the perimeter guns. Take the lifts back down and go outside.
Shot 1-6
Get on the gun and shoot the door. Go onto the lift. When the lift reaches the bottom get off but don't open the door. Wait for the lift to go back up. Fall down into the area and go through the door. Head right.
Shot 1-7
Hit this switch. Now turn around and head back to the generator. Go around it and take the lift up. Shoot the grating and fall through.
Shot 1-8
Shoot the officer and get his supply key. Hit the four switches to let Jan in. Leave the room and turn right. Take the first door on your left.
Shot 1-9
You should be in this room. Continue straight.
Shot 1-10 (Secret Area)
You should now be here. Make sure to get the Light Amplification Goggles on top of the box on your left. Now take the lift on the right side of the room down. Turn on the goggles because its dark. Walk around and find racks with good on the wall. They are a secret area. Now find a small room and go through the door.
Shot 1-11
You need three things in this room. You need to walk up to the blue icon at left. You must hit the two switches on right. After that, leave the room. You deactivate the force field by hitting the switch. Go up the stairs. Turn left and go all the way to the end of the hall.
Shot 1-12
you will now be here. Go through the door with the green insignia above it. Shoot the gun and open the door.
Shot 1-13
Turn right and go to the command room to get the goodies. Now come back out and go down the closest stairs. Walk around in the room until you find this console. Hit the switch. Now go back to the place shown in figure 1-12 (The blue insignia). Run down the hall and take the first door on the left. You should now be in the place shown in 1-10. Save Jan and take her back to the console in the first part of this step.
Shot 1-14
She will hack the console. Now go up the steps by the console and take a right. Open the first door on your left. You should now be here. Make sure to walk up to the green symbol. Now go back to the main reactor shown in figure 1-12. This time go into the area with the red insignia. Open the door and go through the door on ground level, not the one up the steps.
Shot 1-15
You will now be here. Continue and go through the door on your right.
Shot 1-16
Run across the passage and watch 'er blow. Go down to the area with the probe droids and then take the lift in the middle of the room.
Shot 1-17
You will now be here. Run across the top of the passage on the right and drop in the hole. Open the door.
Shot 1-18
Take the door out of this room.
Shot 1-19
Make sure you walk up to the red code. Then leave the room and go right until you end up in the area with the stairs. Go up the stairs and take the lift up.
Shot 1-20
Hit this switch and then hug the wall and hit the other switch. Now fall down onto the platform and go to the terminal.
Shot 1-21
You have to change the three small pictures individually until the main image is formed on top. (The pictures can be found in your mission computer.) They are also show here.
Shot 1-22
Here is the green one.
Shot 1-23
Here is the blue one. Now hit the three switches on the remaining side. A platform will appear. Go to the door to finish off the level.