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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Level 14: Cairn Bay

New Weapons: None
New Enemies: None
Force Updates: Level 2 Saber Throw, Fast Stance
Secret Areas: 1
Shot 14-1
Face the back of the ship and go through the door on your left. Don't go through this door. Instead continue and open the door to meet Luke.
Shot 14-2
Fight the Reborn. Go through the door and then up the hall.
Shot 14-3
Hit the three switches in this room. Then go back and go through the door in shot 14-1. Take the left lift up.
Shot 14-4 (Secret Area)
Jump over to the second overhand, then shoot the grate and go in the secret area. Now jump back and go in the command room.
Shot 14-5
Hit switch that the officer is at three times, then hit the other switch in the room. Take the lift down and go into the bay with the shuttle in it.
Shot 14-6
Jump from the shuttle to the catwalk. Then shoot the grating and jump up.
Shot 14-7
Walk around and hit these switches to deactivate the force fields to fall down. Shoot the grating and fall down into the room.
Shot 14-8
Hit the switch in each command post to open the door. Then jump up the elevator shaft. Look up and shoot the grating.
Shot 14-9
Get on top of the lift and then jump over to here. It is above you on the right. Then jump to the next elevator. Jump off onto the opening, then jump across. On the third lift, get inside, ride down, and open the door.
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