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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Level 16: Cairn Reactor

New Weapons: Merr-Sonn Missle System
New Enemies: None
Force Updates:Level 3 Speed, Level 2 Heal
Secret Areas: 1
Shot 16-1
Go through the first two beams. Turn on Force Speed and go right here. Run down the hall and then go into the alcove on the left. At the end of this hall, go left down the hall and then take the right.
Shot 16-2
Here shoot the crystals on the left to break the beam. Go through the middle hole and go right all the way down the hall. Take right, walk down the hall some more, and take another right.
Shot 16-3
Hit this switch. Then go back to the area outside the holes you made in step 2.
Shot 16-4
Jump up here.
Shot 16-5
Jump up these ledges and go through the door.
Shot 16-6
When you are here, drop down to your right. There is an opening to go through. Then cross over to the left.
Shot 16-7
Go through this opening
Shot 16-8
Drop down here, then jump up and go through the other opening.
Shot 16-9
Drop down into the large reddish room. Jump up through this hole.
Shot 16-10
Continue on top of the reactor, jumping and avoiding the spinning walls.
Shot 16-11
Fight these guys, then go down to the transport on your right.
Shot 16-12
Don't try riding the lift all the way across. Instead jump onto these ledges when the stormtropers start rocketing you. Jump all the way across.
Shot 16-13 (Secret Area)
When you jump all the way over shoot this grate to get to the secret area. Then take the lift up.
Shot 16-14
Go through this door and then take the lift up.
Shot 16-15
Hit the switch on this level then take the lift back down. Take another lift down and get the security key.
Shot 16-16
now go all the way back up and go through the door.
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