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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Level 18: Doomgiver's Communications Array

New Weapons: None
New Enemies: Mark 2
Force Updates: Heavy Stance, Level 3 Mind Trick, Level 3 Jump, Level 2 Lightning, Level 3 Saber Defense
Secret Areas: 3
Shot 18-1
Go through the door, down the ramp, and take the lift down. Hit the switch to open this door and then take the lift down.
Shot 18-2
Get off the lift here. Then go to the first door on your right.
Shot 18-3
Hack this grate and jump up.
Shot 18-4 (Secret Area)
Head to this secret area. Now go back, jump down, open the door, and cross to the room directly across from you.
Shot 18-5
Shoot the grate jump up and follow the passage to here. Open the door and then go back to the console. Press it to take control of a droid. Steer the droid out of the room, and down the hall.
Shot 18-6
Steer the droid through the energy beam.
Shot 18-7
Find this switch and then hit it to open the door. Now return to Kyle's body. Go through the newly opened door and take the lift.
Shot 18-8
Battle everyone in this room. the room where it came from.
Shot 18-9 (Secret Area)
Jump to the platform and go in the secret area. Then shoot the glass under the pillars and drop down into the passage.
Shot 18-10
Jump up out of the passage and continue.
Shot 18-11
Hit these four switches, then go outside. Ride either tram. Hop off at the end. Get the security key and go through the door.
Shot 18-12
Note this button and continue.
Shot 18-13
When you come to this room with the 3 different colored rooms, take the lift down.
Shot 18-14
There are 3 levels here, each a different color, with 9 rooms. Activate your mission briefing and note the symbols. On each level you have to find the room with that symbol and activate it.
Shot 18-15 (Secret Area)
There is a secret area on the bottom level in the back. When you are done, go back up to the room in shot 13 and hit each of the 3 switches. Then make your way back to the button in step 12 and activate it. Watch the cutscene.
Shot 18-16
Return to the room in step 13 and take the only door out. (Proper image missing: this is just shot 18-13. If you have the missing shot (18-16.JPG) please send it to me!)
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