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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Level 2: Kejim Base

New Weapons: Detonation Packs
New Enemies: Sentry Droid, Interrogator Droid
Force Updates: None
Secret Areas: 3
Shot 2-1
You start out with a pleasant surprise after turning the corner. Get the officer's security key to open the door. Blast more stormtroopers and a sentry gun. Go through the door on the left. You will now be here. Hit the switch and shoot the glass to enter the room. Get the supply key and hit the two switches.
Shot 2-2 (Secret Area)
Shoot the glass to the freezing chamber and enter. Stick along the ledge and climb up the "stairs" that are on wall. If you fall in the chamber, go out the door, hit the switches, and climb the stairs to try again. As soon as you get out of the chamber, there will be a ledge on your left. Follow it to a secret area. Now return to the top of the stairs and go forward.
Shot 2-3 (Secret Area)
Notice the ledge on your left. Jump over to find the second secret area. Now jump back over and open the door. Stick to the ledge on your right and follow it around.
Shot 2-4
You will eventually end up here. Shoot the crate to blow a switch. This will make a catwalk appear. Take the new catwalk into the room and hit the switch. Don't take the lift up. Instead, go back out and take the other ledge around the room that leads to a lift.
Shot 2-5
Take the lift down and walk around until you until you are here. Open the door, fall down, and follow the tunnel until you emerge. Take the door on your right.
Shot 2-6
Now go the stairs and go up the lift. You will find and officer in a room. Hit the switch to deactivate the force fields. Now drop down and go to the rooms all the way in the back.
Shot 2-7
You should now be here. Get the goodies in the rooms and then go back up the stairs out of the detention center. Take the left and use a security key to open the door. The officer with the key is behind you if you are facing the door.
Shot 2-8
In the room you will see these two switches. Hit the one on the right first, then hit the one on the left a few times. This will overload the generators and you will get access to the shield power converter outside. Go power up, then come back and go through the door ahead.
Shot 2-9
You will proceed to here. Shoot the crate and then go through the crawlspace. A door will open as an attempt to stop you goes awry. Get the security key and then go through the shielded looking door.
Shot 2-10
Walk straight ahead and then throw the switch on your left. Now turn around and come back. Go into the crystal experiment area.
Shot 2-11
Hit these switches and you get a big problem. Walk the long way around to get to the hole blown in the door. Don't touch the lasers or you are toast.
Shot 2-12
Go down the stair and you will eventually come to a door. Open it, get the security key off the officer, and get back out. Now go to this terminal and throw the switch in it to become a mouse droid.
Shot 2-13
Go outside and then find the mouse droid entrance to the room where you got the key. Once in the room, go right into the mouse droid passage. Drive through the passage into the room and hit the mouse droid switch. Now come back. At the end of the hall, there is a small alcove on the right with another switch to hit.
Shot 2-14 (Secret Area)
Return to Kyle's body. The place where you got the security key in step 12 is now safe. Enter and take a left. On the way out, look for a ammo converter which is a secret area. Shoot stormtroopers and crystals to blast your way out of there. Follow the level to the end.
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