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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Level 7: Yavin Trial

New Weapons: Lightsaber
New Enemies: None
Force Updates: Level 1 Push, Level 1 Pull, Level 1 Speed, Level 1 Jump, Level 1 Saber Defense, Medium Stance, Level 1 Lightsaber Throw
Secret Areas: 1
Shot 7-1
Go through the door and pick up the holocron for Force Push. Enter this room. Match the panels on the wall with the correct panel on the floor. Make sure the panel on the floor is aligned with the arrows at each end of the room. You move the panels by Force Pushing them.
Shot 7-2 (Secret Area)
Get the holocron and then enter this room. Force push the panels in the wall to make a staircase. When you get to the ledge, don't stop. Pull some more panels and jump up to the secret area, then go through the door.
Shot 7-3
Get Force speed, go across the ledge, and fall down. Stand on the button next the door. Then go in the room and stand on the big button. Wait until all the doors have opened, then activate Force Speed and run. Get Force Jump. Go through the door.
Shot 7-4
Jump up these ruins and go through the door.
Shot 7-5
Force Pull each of these statues to fill the room with water. Jump back up on the ledge and wait for the gate to raise and the bridge to come up. Turn on Force SpeeD and run through. Force Push the crack in the wall.
Shot 7-6
Force Push each switch and then jump to the top. You then get to a room with a switch on the floor. Activate Force speed and then run to the end of the hall, across the platform and then jump up to the door.
Shot 7-7
Force push the pegs on the tower until the lightsaber cage is at ground level. Now, find the switch in the alcove and stand on it until it is all the way down. Activate Force Speed and then run up the ramp. Jump in the air and pull your lightsaber to you. (This can be tough) Use saber throw to cut the ropes above the door. Exit the level.
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