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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Level 8: Nar Shaddaa Streets

New Weapons: Tenloss Disruptor Rifle
New Enemies: Rodian, Gran, Weequay
Force Updates: None
Secret Areas: 6
Shot 8-1 (Secret Areas)
Enter the bar, walk up to the bartender, and get ready for action. Find this room and Force Push the false panel to enter the secret area. Also on the ground floor, go to the right table alcove and use the wall for another secret area.
Shot 8-2
Head upstairs and hit this switch, then go back to the main bar and hit the switch behind the bar. Go upstairs, leave the bar, heading left. Follow the path.
Shot 8-3
You will come to this room. Take the lift up. Go outside and jump over to the next building. Stay outside.
Shot 8-4
Jump from the lower balcony onto the roof of this building. Shoot the glass, fall through, hit the switch. Go outside and take a right. Go into the room and Pull the crate to summon the lift. Jump on the lift and Push the crate to make the lift go up.
Shot 8-5
Hit this switch. Go up the ramps and follow the ledge.
Shot 8-6
Decision time. If you want to hit all the secret areas, shoot through the glass, fall down, and go through the door and up the lift. Continue with the walkthrough. If you just want to finish the level, take the lift down on this roof and jump to step 9
Shot 8-7 (Secret Area)
You will come to this ledge. Jump over and run up the ramp where the crosshair is aimed. Get the goodies, come back down, jump back and continue.
Shot 8-8 (Secret Area)
Jump down to the small thing jutting out of the wall, then to the main walkway. Continue until you get to the goodies. Jump down, enter the bar, and come all the way back up to step 6, except this time take the lift on the roof.
Shot 8-9
Jump to the skiff and then off the skiff to the door. Take the lift up and go across this bridge. Watch out, it's glass and can be shot out.
Shot 8-10
Shoot the canister to blow a hole in the wall. Go in and shoot at the pipes until something blows up. Go back out and jump off the ledge onto the roof (on the left)
Shot 8-11 (Secret Area)
Run across the top beam and jump over to the right to the secret area. Come back and hit the switch. Jump to the beam. Force Pull the next closer and then jump over. Now jump to the trash skiff.
Shot 8-12
Jump to the trash collecting plane. Get ready to jump.
Shot 8-13 (Secret Area)
Jump up in here as the skiff moves. Collect the goods and then find the way out that lead right to the garbage skiff.
Shot 8-14
When you come to these switches, Force Push them. Ride the trash cart out.
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