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The Walkthrough

This guide is a step by step walkthrough to completing the game. Note that this guide covers all secret areas. Thus it may not be the most direct route to completing a level.

Level 9: Nar Shaddaa Hideout

New Weapons: None
New Enemies: None
Force Updates: Level 2 Jump
Secret Areas: 7
Shot 9-1 (Secret Area)
Jump onto the pillars on the wall and then jump up to the secret area. Come down, go through the door, and then take the first door on your right.
Shot 9-2 (Secret Area)
Shoot the yellow box to blow a hole in the wall. Go through the hole and enter the secret area
Shot 9-3 (Secret Area)
Go back to the room where you shot the yellow box. Jump behind these crates and open the hidden door. Continue down the passage. Enter the room with the boxes and jump to the far side of the room.
Shot 9-4
Hit this switch and then go through the door.
Shot 9-5
Find this entrance to the trash compactor. Jump up and run through to the other side. (Force speed can help.) Continue down the hall.
Shot 9-6
You want to get to the ledge opposite of you. Jump carefully.
Shot 9-7
Pull this crate off and then jump up. Continue up the hallway, across the catwalk, and down a hallway.
Shot 9-8
Force Pull this cart to you. Now you need to return to the room with the switch in step 4. Instead of jumping across the crates to get back, you can just drop down to your left.
Shot 9-9
Force Pull this crate and go through the passage.
Shot 9-10 (Secret Area)
Continue down the hall until you come to the trash cart. Push it away. Don't mish this secret area in the ceiling. After the secret area, enter the room and hop on a ledge. Shoot the glass, push the switch. Hop over and continue.
Shot 9-11
Walk down the hall and come up the ramp until you get here. Shoot the grating and hop up into the passage. Shoot the yellow box in the room below. Come back out and go down to the crate storage area that you just passed. Slash the lock.
Shot 9-12
Go through the hole you made in the wall. Go through the door and take a left. Enter the detention area and meet Lando.
Shot 9-13
Enter the detention area and meet Lando.
Shot 9-14
Go back up to the place where the grate was in step 11. This time go all the way up and open the door. Cross over the giant compactors to a room on the far side.. Tell the code to the droid and then take a lift up.
Shot 9-15 (Secret Area)
When you are here, take the lift down, but notice the area that opens up. Jump up there to get to a secret area. At the bottom of the lift, cut the grating with your lightsaber, save your game, and continue down the hall blasting left and right.
Shot 9-16
Force Push this switch to open the door. Go down the hallway, open the door, and get ready for a battle after the cutscene. Blast the ceiling turrets and go up to Reelo's office.
Shot 9-17 (Secret Area)
Hit the switch hidden on the desk and the on the place overlooking the large room. Then go into the secret area behind, Reelo's desk and slide down.
Shot 9-18 (Secret Area)
Force Push the switch under these stairs to get to the final secret area. Then go into the room with Lando and follow him out of the level.
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