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Old News Archive: 09/28/02 - 04/15/02

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>>September 28, 2002: CTF WIP
A new CTF section has begun, which hopefully in the future will be quite extensive. Give us ideas, suggestions, or your expections of this section in the forums. We are also on the lookout for some good CTF/CTY related Links, so please send them my way!

>>September 19, 2002: New Guide
Been awhile, but have run into more pc problems (sound card this time). Had time for a quick update: added link to Razor Ace's JK2 FAQ. Be sure to check it out in the Other Guides section! Also added a few more patch notes I missed before (drain still needs an update though).

>>August 26 , 2002: Updates
Force, Weapons, and Saber sections updated to reflect patch changes. Numerous corrections made. Sniping article updated by sith. New mana values for Force Drain in 1.03/1.04 remain to be tested. Other Guides section updated.

>>August 25 , 2002: First Article
I'd like to take this time to extend a hearty welcome to our newest member, sith, who has written us a strategy piece entitled "The Art of Sniping." Progress continues on patch updates and some typos corrected.

>>August 22 , 2002: Updates
The Weapons and Force (and eventually Saber) sections are being updated to help better reflect the changes in the latest patches. Sections referring to the 1.04 Patch are colored in pink, and 1.03 Patch additions are colored in yellow. Note that 1.04 contains all of the updates of the previous patch.

>>August 20 , 2002: Latest Patch
The official 1.04 Patch was released some time ago, and like the last patch, modifies gameplay including the saber/force techniques among other things. Due to a hard drive crash and other problems this site hasn't seen updates in awhile. Hopefully those problems are behind us. Look for more updates soon!

If you sent any email/files to my old email address (@jediknightii.net) since May, PLEASE re-send it to kurgan@iastate.edu, as my other address had serious problems and hasn't been working. Sorry for any inconvenience.

>>May 7, 2002: New Patch
The new 1.03 Patch changes many things in the game, notably the saber fighting and techniques. I will strive to update various sections accordingly when I get the time.

>>May 3, 2002: Misc Updates
Various things added/revised in the Items, Saber, and Weapons sections.

>>May 1, 2002: Images
I've managed to add several pictures to the Saber, Items, and Weapons sections. The site is becoming somewhat image intensive! Artifex's site added to the Other guides page.

>>April 28, 2002: Delays - Kurgan Speaks
Due to an unfortunate screw-up on the part of my ISP, I will not have direct internet access for at least another 2-3 weeks. This means that I will be late responding to emails about the site, and accepting files will be much more difficult. Please do not take this personally, the situation is out of my hands. However, I do have some updates planned before the end of May, and those should be uploaded when I get time. In the meantime you can contact Swoosh for help with the site and to get things posted sooner than I could.

>>April 26, 2002: Updates
Thanks to the input of alert readers and 7-7ighlander, we've corrected some typos and added some more tips to the Force and Saber sections.

>>April 25, 2002: Grand Opening!
We've opened our doors at last, ready to serve up some hot strategies and tips in our various sections. The saber section needs some work and I have screenshots to add, but what we really need now is your submissions, to make this site the best MP strategy site it can be.

Thanks to all those who helped get this site going!

>>April 21, 2002: Almost Ready
The Force sections have a couple more things that need to be added, in addition to the Lightsaber section. Screenshots remain to be added to the Items/Power-ups and Weapons sections.

>>April 19, 2002: More content
Several more things have been added to the Force sections, the Weapons section still needs to be written, and screenshots will be coming soon. I may hold off on the saber section until the others are done.

>>April 18, 2002: That's Amazing!
Many of the strategy sections on the site are starting to take shape, and should be completed soon!

>>April 15, 2002: Welcome
Welcome to Outcast Strategy! Myself and a bunch of goonies around here at JediKnightii.net have put a lot of effort into bringing you the ultimate guide to Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast strategy! Expect for many things to come over the next few months as we update our sections and add new columns as more and more strategies come in. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to check out our board over at LucasForums!

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