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The Purpose of Outcast Strategy

(with a bit of disclaimer for good measure)

The primary purpose of this site is to provide you, the fans and players of JK2, with both a resource of multiplayer strategies for the game, and a place to submit your ideas for consideration into the collection (with a primary focus on "deathmatch" style gameplay with Force Powers enabled).

We, as fans and players of the game, have created this site in order to share our strategies and tactics with others, to increase the enjoyment of the game for ourselves and our readers. We intend no ill will towards any other strategy page, and will gladly post links to them and/or give credit where credit is due. We wish in no way to "steal their thunder" though we will make it our personal mission to strive to do the best job we can in covering our material.

We know there are other guides out there, including some that are sold commercially. This site remains a free resource, and has many benefits over commerical guides, that are more difficult to update once they have been sold.

This site is a work in progress, meaning it is not complete and some sections may seem empty, until we can get enough submissions or get the time to add new hints and strategies. It is also written by humans, so mistakes can creep in from time to time and we encourage our readers to send us feedback! Please contact us should you find any errors, inconsistencies, or things you feel we should add to the page. We welcome constructive criticism on the site at all times!

Since this game was made by Raven software under the guidance of LucasArts Ltd., all trademarks are property of their respective owners, and no copyright infringement is intended. This site does not encourage multiplayer cheating (we despise it), however some of the tactics we discuss *may* be considered "cheap" or "dishonorable" by some players. We take no responsibility for what you choose to do in the games you join, but please be respectful to the person hosting the game, and find another server if you can't agree on the rules.

Frequency of updates for this page will depend on two things: 1) how much free-time we have to update and 2) how frequently we get original content submissions.