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Special Thanks

I'd like to send a special thanks out to all the people who helped get this site going, through their contributions of material, time, and humor:

Swoosh of course, for the perfect layout. ;)

...sith for adding to our great content.

...Lord Ender (aka Raving Sith) for helping test out numerous things.

...7-7ighlander (aka Binary Fission) for his helpful testing and information on saber strategies.

... .Templar. and the other folks at the Academy for their useful information and friendly attitude.

... all of the webmasters/authors and owners of the sites who have given their kind permission to be linked to...

... server providers and for generously providing the services that have made Kurgan's Meatgrinder possible!

The rest of the team at LucasFanNetworks, since you guys simply rock, and it wouldn't be anything without you!

... all the people who have contributed (especially those on LucasForums), that I may have forgotten...

...and of course RavenSoft/LucasArts, and George Lucas without which there would be no Jedi Knight II to spend hours writing guides about!